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The Triumphs of 2012 | Behind Me

Little tardy in getting this posted.  Husband has been working a lot of hours and we needed two sets of hands to coordinate this little project.

At the 2011/12 New Year, I created a new tradition.  I removed all my Finisher Medals and Awards from my bulletin board and moved them to a nicer shelf and permanent medal hanger from Allied Medal Hangers.  They created a custom "2011" for me.

This is the picture of the final project:

In 2012, I continued onward with putting my Finisher Medals on a bulletin board (race photos and bib in a plastic sleeves that eventually make it's way to a binder). My Overall and AG awards sit on the shelf below.   Here is the end of 2012 photo:

The Bulletin Board and shelf hand on the wall, to the right of my office desk.  It is always within my sight.

This past weekend, the bulletin board and shelf was cleared out and moved to the wall.

Here is the final picture of that wall, including my 2011

Why is this all important?  The final wall (as I call it) is behind me and my desk.  Those year's are behind me, I am proud of what I achieved and most importantly what I learned.  Yet, they are past.  The future is within my sight (see previous note).

If I want to see what I accomplished in 2011 and 2012, it takes a big effort me to walk to that wall. I have to go out of my way to stop and see it.

Isn't that a strange irony?  When we dwell in the past, doesn't that take a lot of effort?  Don't we have to go out of our way to analyze the past?  We have medals and trophies of our lives, but to stop and really focus on them, takes a lot of effort and going out of our way.

So...I look forward to 2013, with a sense of renewal, excitement and knowing what I want to accomplish in my racing, personally and professionally.

2011 and 2012 can stay where they belong - in the past.  I propped them on their respective hangers and shelves, but I am not taking them down to wear those medals, again.

Leave the past where it belongs...behind you.  

This is my 2013...ready to start anew

Blank bulletin board & shelf.  Ready for 2013.

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