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RACE REPORT: Resolution Run 10K | Running With a Friend

2012 wasn't horrible, but I was ready to get the year over with and move onto 2013.  I felt like I was already in 2013, as I re-arranged my training and cross-training pre-vacation.  I was not waiting until 2013 to begin anew.

I had one last event to run.  I ran it last year.  It was my first race, free of the GI distress caused by the mess of RnRLV 2011. 

This year...it was about a friend, Jill Whittaker.  You may know her from her successful blog, JillWillRun.com.  Jill and I met shortly after my first Half in 2010, we have been close friends ever since.

This was a special event for Jill, as it was her first race after giving birth to her daughter in August.  I didn't make a big whoopee-do about running with Jill, in advance.  I didn't want to put any pressure on her.  I knew many runners would expect a certain time from her and she just wanted to run to run.

Without discussion between us - neither of us showed up with our Garmin's.  Why bother?  She was going to run by feel and I was going to run with her every step of the way, no matter if she was sprinting, walking or jogging.  At no time, was I going to push her pace.  I may pull her back, but I was not going to push her. This was not the time. 

The race we chose as her "comeback" was Elemental Running's Resolution Run 10k/5k/1mile at Kellogg-Zaher Park.  Both of us are friends with the RD, so this was a perfect place to make it happen for her.

For my running gear, I wore my UnderArmour Cold Gear shirt and tights (wore it for RnRLV and Hoover Dam) Big news - no running skirt.  I could not stomach putting on that skirt, again (over the tights).  Those who know me, know that is a BIG issue for me to wear tight fitting clothes on my bottom section.

This night - I didn't care.  My focus was Jill and only Jill. If someone wanted to laugh at my saddlebags and jiggly butt - I didn't care. 

I arrived at Kellogg-Zaher Park early to help out with packet pickup.  Once Jill arrived, it was time for us to gather our thoughts and warm up a bit. It was SO cold and with winds.  Much, much cooler than last year's race. 

Elemental Running knows how to put on a great race.  They have state-of-the-art timing equipment, so we don't have to deal with the old fashioned, turning into chips & most importantly, racers can be assured their timing is correct.  They have fun music pre-race and the energy was great.  The event was a sell-out.   That speaks volumes of their ability to put on a great race. 

Met up with many local friends - Nino, Jodi, Koryn, Sara & Ixa (I hope I spelled that, correctly).  Then, a woman walked by me with a dog...who could be Ladybug's twin.  Same years, same size, same spots on the body.  I gasped, but I felt good.  It made me smile. 

There are many variables of on how to run a 10k course at this park. I have run so many, but I like this 10k course layout the best.  

As we were standing at the Start Line, I could tell Jill was getting nervous.  Little did I know, this was the first time she had run without her daughter.  New mom's can relate to that type of separation anxiety.  Yet, her spirits were up and I reminded her, "it's all you, Jill.  Whatever pace you go...that's what we do."

  • I knew in her mind, she REALLY wanted a sub 1:00:00.  I wasn't sure that would happen, so I was hoping for a 1:05-1:07. 

We started off well...I went into Coach mental mode.  I am constantly looking out of the corner of my eye to check her form, check her pace...looking for pushing to hard.  Even though Jill is also a RRCA Certified Running Coach...she became my client, for that day.  The Coach was coaching the Coach. 

We chatted away and after the first Aid-Station, I saw the dog that looked like Ladybug, again.  No sadness, only happiness.  Both Jill and I agreed that it was a gift from my Ladybug & what a wonderful thing to see on my last event of 2012.  That's my babygirl, always knowing what I needed.

The most difficult part of the course is around 3.5-4 miles - a slow, but not long hill.  She did great and I could tell by the way I felt, we were easily at no slower than a 10-10:15 pace.  We walked through the water stations to bring down her heart rate, as she was getting a little red in the face.  Safety first.

We came into the final stretch and as we came into the Finish Line - I heard a few of her friends scream her name.

We were greeted by the RD with champagne glasses and a hearty "welcome back" to Jill!

The RD gives away Finisher Champagne Glasses instead of medals.  I think that is really clever!  I have a set of 2.  

2012 and 2011

I wanted a picture right away.  Jill was BEAMING from ear-to-ear. I was not going to miss this moment & I wanted to get a picture of the dog.  She looked great and she had a great run.  What a confidence booster, huh?

Well...I soon realized I had locked my keys in my car.   :(  Called my husband, but he was at least 40 minutes away.

Jill took a picture on her iPhone - Look at her BEAMING smile! (sparkling apple cider in the glasses)

We stood around for a bit to listen to the 5K's Overall & AG award winners.  I asked her to check our chip times...I was curious.  

58:XX (can't remember the exact seconds and as of this writing, results have not been posted).  That's a 9:20-9:30 pace.  She smoked it!

That smile you see in the picture....GOT MUCH BIGGER!  I have to admit, I got tears in my eyes watching her.  I knew she was very happy with her run, but to have that added prize of a sub 1:00:00 was just perfect.  I couldn't of asked for a better time for her, on that night.

She needed to leave before the 10k awards and of course, since I was waiting on my husband to open up my car...I stuck around.  Much to my surprise I got 2nd AG. 

Yet, that wasn't my prize.  Being a part Jill's comeback race and crossing that Finish Line with her.  I am always grateful for any Overall/AG award, but that is not what I will remember from that night. 

I have several 2012 memorable races...this is one of the top.  I will be back next year, of course. 

Jill - thank you for allowing me to be a part of this night. You could of run with anyone else, and I am honored I was the one.  You inspire me and I KNOW you will have an awesome 2013 on your terms.  I am SO proud of you!

To my FAB-O Friends...if you want a memorable race experience, run with a friend to help them achieve their goal.  Pick a race...and run with them. Not for socialization, but for a goal.  I can promise you - you will love the experience!  Make 2013 the year you give back to the racing community.  Pace a friend, volunteer at a race or be on the side lines cheering on the racers.  Give back.  It makes you a better runner and makes our community better.

Happy New Year to everyone! 

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