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RACE REPORT: LVTC Championship 10k | Great Way to Start The New Year

My first race of 2013 and my least favorite distance.  The same way I started 2012, but this year it would be different.

As my body continues to heal from the damage that was caused in the last year with a regular gluten diet & heavy legs syndrome - my mind is focused on keeping my races and runs on quality vs quantity.

I planned to use this race event as a tempo training run.  Glad I made that choice, the temps were in the high 20's upon arrival and my Asthma is brought on by cooler temps.  If I planned to go all out, that would of had to change, for safety reasons.  My training planned called for  5-6 mile at 9:00 pace.  Not a PR, by no means - but that wasn't my purpose of this race.  It also would serve as a gauge to see where my body is and how it was reacting to the GF lifestyle (2 weeks, now).

I arrived and helped out Coach Phil with the presentation of the LVTC Championship Racing awards for 2012.  All great athletes who deserve their coveted awards. 

I wore my UA tights and one of my UA Cold Gear tops (pinky/orange) and a black long sleeved underneath.  Glad I made that choice, it was obvious I was not going to warm up, even during a race.

The layout of the 10k at Kellogg-Zaher park has a multitude of options. This 10k course, is my least favorite (Elemental's Resolution Run 10k) is my favorite.  Why LVTC won't change this course around is a puzzle to me.

I started mid-pack, as I always do.  We are immediately met with slight inclines and then up a hill.  Those, one of the reasons I hate this particular course.  Coming back down the hill, I was able to relax and let my body take over.  Felt awesome.  I knew I was holding the pace of 8:30 and even with the labored breathing of the cold, I felt fine.  I felt like I was pushing it, but not killing myself.  Remember, it was a tempo run and I planned to keep it that way.

In 2012, all my races were met with GI grumbling, issues or something else around Mile 3.  During 10k's and Half - I had to endure the rest of the race with an uncomfortable stomach.   I have said it over and I will say it again - the disaster of RnRLV 2011 change my body and I now know, that must of brought about a dormat GF intolerance.  All my races in 2012, my standard breakfast was toast (gluten) and peanut butter.  The only race I did not have a GI issue - Hollywood Half.  I had a pinole waffle with peanut butter.  (no gluten)

As I reached Mile 4.5 (my Garmin alarms go off every half mile so I can check my pace), I gasped.  I realized I was at 4.5 with NO, not a trace of GI issues. I smiled.  Coming up on the Aid Station, one of my former coaching clients, Celeste Sportsman took advantage of me walking through the aid station and she passed me.  What she didn't know, I smiled.  When a Coach can see her student do better than her, there was a sense of pride in knowing she was doing so well.  She never relinquished her lead on me.  :)  

Going back, we headed back to that hill we went up at the beginning.  That is just annoying.  Looking at my Garmin I knew I would far exceed my time goal of 9:00 min pace/55:55 Finish.  I reminded myself this was a tempo run, and to stick with the plan.  I ran in strong, but not a full sprint - and I had a smile on my face, when I finished.  Even though it was a 10k, I enjoyed the run/race.  I finished in 53:45, which is a sub9 pace.  Only 1:20 slower than my PR.  More importantly, I felt great and still had something in my tank for my long run (next day). 

Coming up on the Finish

Awards were given out. Overall, Master's and the Age Division.  I earned 1st in my AG and when I got home I realized I qualified for the USATF All-American Master's Team, again (10k, 3rd year in a row).  *Note: if you look at the official results, you will see me as the 3rd AG.  The 1st and 2nd AG winners were awarded Master's Division Awards, so I was bumped up to 1st in AG.  This happened also in the 40-45 group.  Celeste Sportsman was awarded 1st place because the 1st plan AG was awarded the Master's Division award.

There was a big issue of the lead cyclist leading the lead group (about 16+ runners) in the wrong direction (shorted the course) and the RD was left with quite the quandry on what to do.  I feel it was handled the way it should of been, but all of it could of been eliminated if the cyclist had actually rode the course ahead of time, not told what the course was.  It wasn't our club's finest hour, but I have seen worse happen at races.

I felt great after the race, not one GI grumbling nor any stomach issues.  I am still hopeful that going GF is the answer of what plagued me in 2012, so far - so good.

2013 has started out great...onward to the 5k's and Half's and a healthier year.

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