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PRODUCT REVIEW: Injinji Toe Socks | My Toe's Are In Heaven

There are times I post product reviews because of I have received a complimentary product from the company.  There are other times I have posted reviews of a product I bought, that I love and wanted to share it with my readers.

This is one of those times I bought the product. 


I bought my first pair of Injinji toe socks several months ago.  I bought them for trail running to allow my foot to breathe and not have my toes rub up on each other going up and down the trails.

Well....I discovered they are the socks I want to wear during all my runs!  Roads & trails.

In 2012, I had blister issues. I wore the socks that guaranteed not to blister my feet.  They didn't work, either.  Not sure what brought it on, but I was dealing with blisters often.  No amount of vaseline, bandaids or Body Glide kept the blisters away.  Yet, when I wore my Injinji socks, I had no blisters and most importantly, my feet were not crunched up and felt WONDERFUL!

I now own several pairs to use especially during tempo and long runs.   

For those looking for a socks that keeps you warm, but also lightweight so you don't feel stuffed into your shoe - I recommend the Injinji toe socks.  Just as you need great shoes, you need great socks.

You can buy the socks at their website or use the store locator to find a store near you.

Follow them on Twitter @Injinji and on Facebook

What type of socks do you like to run in?

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