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New Year's Resolution Clothes Shopping Has Begun | Wasn't Too Painful

I can't remember the last time I made a New Year's resolution.  I did this year. 

I made a promise to buy one complete outfit every month for the entire year.  The outfit could not be running gear. No wicking, no running shirts and no athletic logos.  Those who know me, know that going shopping is on the top of my least favorite things to do.  I don't like trying on clothes, I don't like stores, I just hate the entire process of clothes shopping.  Unless I really need to buy something, I don't. 

My wardrobe monies has been put to running gear for the last 2 years.  This year - I will be spending my monies on everyday clothes.  As a business owner - I telecommute.  Which means, I don't have to leave my house to go to work.  That also means, I don't leave my house often. With the exception of my running and doing errands, I am not in my car much.  I don't often wear nicer clothes, day to day. That is a hazard of telecommuting. 

While I have some great clothes, I really don't have enough and I need more.  I needed to expand my horizons a bit too.

I posted my 2013 resolution on my FB page and two of my FB friends jumped right in and we have decided that we are going to go shopping once a month as a group or in pairs.  This way, we can give each other feedback and tackle the horrid task of shopping with a friend.

I spent the week looking over websites of my favorite stores (Target, Kohl's, etc) to see what was available and what would I be comfortable wearing.  I believe in being feminine, but no frills, sparkles or fluff for me.  I am 51 years old - flowery jeans are not age appropriate, either.

When friend and I set out to do our first shopping adventure I had certain criteria:

1. The top/blouse/jacket must be worn 2-3 different ways
2.  Dresses must be able to change the accessories 2 ways

My first order of business was slacks. I needed black slacks.  I found two pairs.  Black and Dark Grey. Both at Kohl's.

Went to Ross to find a top. That was an eye opener. The racks were almost empty!  But, I found a great top with a cute sleeveless cut.  Then onto Target for accessories.  I found the exact necklace I wanted, bracelet set and an earring set that I can use with other outfits.

Mission accomplished and in a sense - I have two outfits because this top can be worn with these two slacks. In addition, they can be worn with my dark brown capri slacks.

It was a great night.  My friend found some clothes too.  We had fun teasing each other about what clothes we would not wear (aka pink & sparkly) It wasn't too painful.  I can handle this once or twice a month.  

Here is a picture of my First Resolution 2013 Outfit -

-top, 2 slacks and silver accessories-
Did you make any non-health/athletic resolutions this year?

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