Friday, January 11, 2013

#FABTraining: Scheduling Your Training

We have heard it many times, "Treat your training as if it was an appointment.  Don't cancel the appointment."

How do you keep track of work, medical/dental or other appointments?

Typically, on your smart phone calendar app or in a day planner, right?

 Here is a tip I offer my coaching clients:

When your training plan is developed (distance, pace, time) - write it on in your calendar or enter it into the app on your phone.

Don't just write/type:  "Run"

Be specific.  Write the specifics of the appointment with yourself.  When you see your own details on your own calendar, it encourages and inspires you to keep your appointment.   On your speedwork day: write your intervals.  On your Tempo & Long Runs, write your distance and pace. 

In addition, no more looking around for that piece of paper that fell off the refrigerator magnet or off your work desk.  Take a few moments and put your training and details on your calendar.

How do you manage your training schedule? 

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