Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#FABTraining: Cross Training

I have always felt it was very odd to label any non-run, cardio workout as "cross training".  Can't we simply say "I cycled" ?

Nonetheless, this portion of #FABTraining is about cross training.  It is my hope that these guidelines will help you decide what cross-training to do and when.  Of course, definitions can vary from person-to-person. This blog article serves as a guide. 

What is cross-training? 

1)  Cardio
2)  Zero to low impact

Why cross-train?

1) Receive a cardio/endurance workout while working other muscles
2) Low or No impact cardio to eliminate stress on the joints

What type of work-outs are considered cross-training?

1.  Cycling
2.  Swimming
3.  Skiing
4.  Rowing

What is not cross-training?

1.  Weight Training
2.  Yoga
3.  Stretching

If weight training, yoga nor stretching are not cross-training, when can you do them?  
As often as you want to. You can do them on the same days at your running and cross-training.

Use your cross-training to build your cardio/endurance and work other muscles groups.  Do your cross-training in between running days and not the day before your long run (keep your legs fresh). 

What do you do for your cross-training?  How has it helped your running?

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