Thursday, January 3, 2013

*CHAR SHARES* It's Your Life. Your Choice

Here we are...January 3rd.  For some, it's 3 days into our commitment to better health and I know some of you have already given up.


I know you are sore
I know your body aches
I know you desire to eat a Full Pizza and wash it down with a tub of chocolate ice cream

I know it's hard.  So is being overweight, incorrectly fed, sick and being tired of the time.

Where do you want to put your efforts?  
Being healthy?
Being sick?

When will you realize you are worth the effort to gain control of your body.  Your life. After all, if you regain your health, isn't that the ultimate of control?

Would you like to know you can walk up and down your stairs without heavy breathing?

Would you like to know that the food you are putting in your body is giving you a chance for health?

You make that choice.

Quit. Or keep going. 
Quit, because you feel you are not worth it
Keep going because you know you are worth it

  • When your muscles are sore - celebrate it.  You are pumping blood into your body and another step closer to great health.
  • When you are craving that full pizza and chocolate ice cream. Celebrate that you now can choose moderation.  

Your life begins with you. Don't give the control away to what you see on TV, your "busyness" or whatever else is in your way.

Without you - there is no life to lead.  So, don't let life lead you wrong.



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