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BLOG INTERVIEW: Ciara Viehweg | San Francisco Marathon

As you all know, I am one of the San Francisco Marathon/Half Marathon Ambassadors for 2012-13.  To be associated with one of my favorite races from 2012, is a thrill. What is a greater thrill is I have had the chance to meet and get to know so much people, while promoting this race!

One of the great people I have gotten to know,  is Ciara Viehweg, who is in charge of the Ambassador Team (and other duties).

This interview is a get-to-know session about Ciara and a chance to hear more about the great race in June.

  • What is your first and last name

Ciara Viehweg (Ciara is pronounced "Keira" Knightly. Viehweg is German and I've been told that it means "animal path" though my Dad used to tell me it meant cow sh*t. One and the same?) 

  • What is your title with The San Francisco Marathon and how long have you been with this position?
Marketing Coordinator/Expo Sales. I have been in this position for 1+ month! Enjoying my new gig and get to work with awesome people.
  • How many times have you run The San Francisco Marathon or Half?
Zero actually. I was registered in 2011 to race with a team but I unfortunately got injured :( The team still did great though and I joined in on the after party. In the past, you could have spotted me at the lululemon athletica Cheer Station at mile 23.5. 
  • Why is the SFM so popular? 
'm from San Francisco so I love this race because I think it really captures the beauty of this city. Runners get to see some of the best and most scenic parts of this city in ways that no tour bus could possibly do. It's also the only race that you can run over the Golden Gate Bridge...I mean come on!
  • How many racers each year?
22k-25k over 6 different events: Full Marathon, 1st Half Marathon, 2nd Half Marathon, Progressive Marathon, 5k, and the Munchkin Kids run. It's so inspirational to see so many people sweating and achieving their goals in one day. 
  • What is the LA/SF Challenge? 
The LA/SF Challenge is a cool new event that we added last year. If a runner participates in the LA Marathon and SF Marathon (or half marathon) consecutively, then the runner receives an extra special LA/SF Challenge medal. Runners love bling and I can tell you that this medal has bling written all over it. You can start with either event, but must make sure that you run the other race the next time it is offered. (LA in March followed by SF in June or SF in June followed by LA in March).
  • Why did the SFM move to June this year?
SFM has been moved to June this year because of another crazy cool event happening in the city this year: America's Cup Championship! To make it easier for everyone, it made the most sense to move it up a bit to not interfere with the 1 million plus people coming to watch America's Cup. 
  • When did you start running?  
I started running competitively in High School and was fortunate enough to compete for UCLA (go bruins!). I first figured out that I could run when I would beat the boys in P.E. class in 3rd grade :) Overall, about 12 years.
  • What would you like the racing community to know about you?
I just signed up for my very first Half Iron Man! I've never done a triathlon but you know what they say, go big or go home. Excited to incorporate swimming and biking into my training and see the results in my running. I'll keep you posted :) If you have any tips or want to meet up for training, I'm down!
  • Explain the role of an SFM Ambassador and how does it benefit a registered racer?
We have amazing Ambassadors all over the country and each are so passionate about running and the SF Marathon. Registered runners should take advantage of these Ambassadors and find ones closest to their home. They are great running partners, have a wealth of knowledge (whether it's about beginner running or qualifying for Boston), and you'll have a familiar face to connect with on race day. If there isn't an Ambassador close to where you live, look for doses of inspiration on the official SF Marathon blog where our Ambassadors post frequently. 
  • How can someone connect with you on social media?
You can follow me on twitter at @shaCiaraSF


To register for the Wipro San Francisco Marathon or Half (two different courses), please go to  
It's a FAB-O race - great organization, course support, bling and lots of post-race food.  
Come join us!

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