Saturday, December 8, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Under Armour ColdGear©

A few weeks ago, I announced that I was contacted by Under Armour.  They generously offered to outfit me for RnRLV, from head-to-toe.  

Ironically, when I received their email, I was in the process of deciding what I would be wearing for RnRLV.  UA was on the top of my list, as I wanted to wear the best that athletic gear would provide me that night.  Cold weather was a concern and everyone I spoke with, said to purchase Under Armour.

I was beyond thrilled and excited to know that Under Armour wanted me to wear their gear.  On Thanksgiving weekend, 2 days before my 51st birthday - a package arrived.  Two tops and one pair of tights.  All Under Armour ColdGear©.  

1.  Zip-up, Long Sleeved Thermo Top.  ColdGear©

I have never worn tights while running nor racing, but I wanted to be prepared for the inevitable cold weather that I was going to face at RnRLV.  Since I was the Official 2:15 Pacer, I did not have the luxury of stopping and adjusting coats or other apparel.  What I wore that night would have to take me through the entire event, without fail. 

I tested out the gear on several nighttime runs and decided upon the Gray/Black Fitted Mock and tights.  I had a few other elements to my outfit to pull it all together. 

Here is a picture of me and my friend, Daniel (he is holding the pacer sign while I fiddle with my hydration bottle) at Mile 4.5.  

When the cold & high winds kicked in, that is when the Under Armour ColdGear© performed it's best.  I was warm and I could concentrate on finishing the race in my appointed 2:15 and not worry about shivering.

Here is a great shot of the entire outfit at Mile 12.  I apologize for my poor running form, at that point in the race - I had to slow down to avoid running into the runner ahead of me.  Nonetheless, you can see how well the Under Armour ColdGear© looks the same as earlier miles!  It stays put (we all have had clothing that we have to adjust during a race, right?)

When I crossed the Finish Line, I didn't feel like I had to get the gear off.  I was still comfortable, but not strapped in and compressed.  

I could never thank Under Armour enough for your generosity.  Wearing their gear provided me a great sense of safety, knowing I could brave the cold elements of that night.  UnderArmour GoldGear© is my cold weather run gear of choice!  

I plan to wear it again and again for a long time! 

*Although I received gear for this review, the opinions are mine and not influenced by Under Armour.  

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  1. YAY! Purchased a UA fitted mock for RNRLV in 2010 since it was a cold morning. One of my favorite cold weather pieces to this day!

  2. I never knew how much I could LOVE gear - until I wore UA. Just love it! Thanks for the comment, Sara


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