Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: MaxFlowSports Headband | Best I Have Tried

A few weeks ago, I received a MaxFlowSport headband to review.

I don't care how long or short your hair is (unless you have a buzz cut) your hair will get into your face.  I love headbands, but I am very picky about what I wear.  It has to fit just right (not too tight or loose) and has to have the right look.

As you all know, I am into the sporty look.  Not into the flashy, whimsy looks. That's fine for some, but not for me.

Within a day of receiving the headband, I heard from the CEO.  As a Social Media/Brand Manager, I always appreciate the personal touch from vendors.

I tried out the headband on several occasions.  Typically, I always have to fiddle with a headband to make sure it fits just right and not slip off.

According to their website "It can manage your sweat, control your flow, and help you look your best. The MaxFlowSports Cross-Grip technology will secure the band and you will never look back. Quickly you are once again focused on your goal-excelling at whatever you do."

This is the only headband I have worn that does not budge or slip.  While other bands have claimed they don't budge - they do on me.

MaxFlowSport headband stuck to my head and didn't move a millimeter.  Because it is so hugging, I did have to find the right place on my head to make sure it wasn't TOO tight - but once I found the place, it was perfect.

Not only do I wear it on my workouts/runs, I wear it on non sport activities.  Anytime I need my hair out of my eyes and carefree - this is my go-to band.   I will be purchasing more to carry in my bag or purse, just in case I am out and about in those Vegas windy days. 

The price is so reasonable too!  Only $9.99!  Can beat that, now can you?

Thank you MaxFlowSports. I love this headband!

*Although I received a complimentary product.  All opinions are my own.

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