Saturday, December 29, 2012

No Regrets | Time for a Re-Birth

As the New Year is coming upon media is full of resolutions & promises to do things differently.  We often look back on the year with regret and "wish I had" or even "wish I had not".

2013 will be my 3rd year of running & racing.  

When we make resolutions, we make them as a result of how unhappy we are with the outcome of our lives. True?

I am grateful for my 2012 experiences, as I learned a lot about racing, myself and the running community.  Yet, I don't have any regrets.

Do I want change for 2013?  Of course, I do!   A person's lives should be in forward motion.  We should never be content with staying the same, but looking to improve.

When I think of 2012 - my mind goes back to the many disappointments of 2012.  Disappointments of those running friends who claimed to have my best interest and proved otherwise.   Disappointments that I should of known better to make better decisions about my training and racing.  Disappointments that I didn't trust myself enough to push their some barriers & my own limits. 

Do I beat myself up about it?  No, I don't. 

So, where do I begin to rearrange my training and my races?  It already began.  It began with a mindset many months ago.  When I had reached a place I had enough - I moved in a different direction, in my mind.

I have been very vocal about my goals for the 2013 racing season.  My focus will be 5k's and Half's.  I will run two Full's: Surf City & Los Angeles Marathon.  The rest of the year...I will be working on speed, while keeping my miles up.  I have built my base, now it's time to engage the speed, once again.  This will mean I will have to turn down the offers to run socially with friends.  I have a specific training plan for specific goals & I will keep that plan in place.  While some may not see the harm if I go out and run a run at a slower pace, it could have lastly effects on my ultimate 2013 goals.

Don't take me wrong - I will still have a blast while training and running, but the socialization will come after the training run or race.  I have to run to race, against myself.  That is fun to me.  

I lost racing time in 2012.  Not exactly the most thrilling thing, as running Full's were not very appealing to me, overall. 

Still, I am grateful for the wonderful experiences I had along the way. The friends, the socialization and in many ways - just to Finish.

2013 is a re-birth in my racing.  I have no control of the outcome, but I have control of my efforts.  Control what I can, and accept what I cannot. 

What will you change in 2012?  Have you already began in that direction?  

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  1. I am so glad you are finding your focus and determination!! Cannot wait to see you dominate 2013!!

  2. Thanks, Angela. I have no idea what the outcome will be in 2013, but my approach is 180 different than 2012. I needed 2012 to see what didn't work for me. Now, I know. The only dominance might be my mindset, but that will be a huge win for me. As always, thanks for your support!

  3. Best of luck on a great 2013 focused on speed

  4. Thanks, Abbi! I may not get the results I had in 2011, but I know I will feel better about my training = better race experience for me. Happy New Year!


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