Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Observations about Pacing during RnRLV

It's been a week since RnRLV. Time to chat about some of my observations about pacing

1.  Pacing is a job.  Take it seriously. Select a time that is at least 15-30 minutes slower than your TYPICAL Finish time, not necessarily your PR.  This allows you to run a steady pace without hitting a wall.
2.  Know the course.
3.  Know what weather conditions you are going to face and adjust your pace accordingly.
4.  There is a BIG difference in banking 15 secs per mile vs 1 minute per mile.
5.  Be a cheerleader and a coach.  Let them know when there is a sharp corner or an obstacle in the road like rough pavement, pot holes or baby strollers ahead.
6.  Do not fear to POLITELY announcing to slower runners ahead of you..."Pacing Team coming through, pls move aside" and of course, say THANK YOU.
7. It is easier for that 1-2 people to move aside than you to lead a group around 1-2 runner/walkers
8. Keep your group informed.  Let them know when you are slowing down a bit or stepping it up.  I used hand signals so my runners could see me, even if they could not hear me.
9.  Expect runners to come along side of you to "chat".  Keep it light and thank them for the feedback or comments.
10.  As you getting to the last 2 miles...encourage them all, often.  You are an Ambassador to the sport.
11.  Set alarms on your Garmin for too fast or too slow
12.  Smile for the camera, being a pacer is an honor & fun!
13.  Celebrate with your group at the Finish. Some will have passed you, but most will be behind you.  Applaud them all...they finished!
14.  Be honored when they ask for a picture with you.  Yes, you are tired - but it's their moment, that is why you are there. 
15.  Take care of you, post race. Make sure you refuel and rest.  Be proud of your work.  

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  1. Are those guys running behind you carrying beer and maintaining the pace? LOL! Wow races in Vegas are a totally different animal huh? You are such a rockstar!

  2. There is always that possibility! We have a few local bars who stand at the street handing out beers to the racers. Vegas is it's own animal, for sure. Thanks for the compliment!


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