Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2013 Race Schedule

As I re-organize my training for race schedule will be lead by a series of Half's.

Last year, I spent 12 months training and racing Full's. Bleh.  LA Marathon will always have a special place in my racing schedule & most likely will be the only Full on my schedule starting in 2014.  In 2013, I have two Full's:  Surf City & LAM.  That's more than enough for me.

Here is my Full/Half schedule. As a courtesy to the RD's, I am providing links.  I am not listing 5k's or 10k's as I am still deciding.  Schedule is subject to change, of course.

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I have two focus races:  Fontana Half and Hoover Dam Half.  What does that mean?  They are the races I plan to pull out all the stops and make it happen (for myself).   Regardless of my Finish Times, I will approach those races with no limits.  Baring any injuries/illnesses to prevent me from doing assured, I will push myself to the limits on those races - and I am looking forward to meeting that challenge. Eye of the Tiger.

February - Surf City Full - Huntington Beach, CA 

>>March - Los Angeles Full - Los Angeles, CA

April - **Hollywood Half - Hollywood, CA

May - OC Half - Newport Beach, CA

June - Fontana Half - Fontana, CA 
>> San Francisco Half #1 - San Francisco, CA

September - Disneyland Half - Anaheim, CA
**Twilight Half - Las Vegas, NV 

October - Long Beach Half - Long Beach, CA

November - Coyote Springs Half (Trail) - Las Vegas NV 

December - LVTC Holiday Half - Las Vegas, NV
Hoover Dam Half - Las Vegas, NV

** Legacy Runner
>> LA/SF Challenge/SFM Ambassador
Beach Cities Challenge

In addition to my training, I will continue to incorporate into my daily life.  I have been using this form of Yoga for awhile and I love it.   

The one element that remains the same (as it has been a part of my life since 2008) is products.  They continue to be my sponsor and I am so very proud to be an Ambassador of overall good health and teaching others about the importance of raising your Glutathione levels.  

What is your race schedule?  What will you change?  What will stay the same? 

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  1. I just checked on the Hoover dam 1/2 that I'm interested in and see that it's on the same day as the Walnut Creek 1/2, which I'm already doing. :( Maybe 2014.


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