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I am so pleased to announce a very special project that has been in the works, since September.

Countless hours, conference calls, emails and other things have gone into the creation of this project.


We ask, out of respect to other groups & pages – please do not post this announcement on other pages/group without the Admin/Moderators permission.   Please feel free to share on your personal social media pages.
Thank you!

I and several others are developing another running club.  Not your average running club, either. It is a club that will celebrate ALL distances, in any parts of the world! 

Here are the basics:

  • RECOGNITION for runners, volunteers AND those who support runners (family/friends/etc).  

  • RACE MILES ARE RACE MILES.  You receive recognition based on the miles you run in a race.   As long as there are 3 finishers, advertised on an RD website and are results online – the miles will count for your achievement levels.  Certified course is not required.  We believe in helping out RD’s who help us achieve our goals.  Doesn’t matter if there are 3 people or 33K racers.  Miles are Miles.

  • A POINT SYSTEM is developed based on miles raced.  That means a 5k’er can reach the same achievement as an Ultra Marathoner. 

  • A PAID MEMBERSHIP WITH PERKS.  You will receive discounts on products/gear you use all the time.  In addition, offer Race Discounts as they become available.

  • A MODERN WEBSITE designed for recognition and training information to the members.  Photo slideshows, articles and more.  We will be accepting articles from members for publishing. This will also include an online database to keep track of your points and levels.

  • Online NEWSLETTER with running tips/advise and member recognition.

  • ADVISORY COUNCIL made of up runners from demographic areas, specialty distances and volunteer support.   They will be the eyes and ears of our organization.  Letting the key Leadership know of any request or what racers need for support and inspiration.  Each member will serve a 1 year term and can be reappointed. 

  • PLEDGE A MILE Program – this program is to honor Pete.  In the event of a death, any person can donate races/miles to help a fellow runner achieve their club goal.  In the event of severe injury or sickness (more than 6 months unable to run) – we would need the permission from the runner to accept miles/races on their behalf. 

  • INSPIRATION award.  Members will be nominated by their fellow runners based on their level of inspiration.  Nominations will be posted on all our social media pages, website and newsletter.  At the end of the year- the membership will vote on the Final winner.

  • GIVING FUND – a fund will be created in the event flowers need to be delivered to a funeral or extended hospital stay to any of our members. 

  • FB PAGE will be heavily moderated.   No spamming, insulting or disrespect of other members will ever be tolerated, by anyone.   This will ensure we have a pleasant & positive experience for all.  Failure to comply, will result in immediate removal from the FB group.  CLICK HERE to join the free group.  Anyone can be members of the group. Moderators/Administrators reserve the right to refuse membership into the group, at anytime.

Now, onto the Fun stuff! 

When Pete Mingwah passed away – I was inspired by Tony Nyugen (The Endorphin Dude) with his words of Pete being a “fallen solider” and he would not leave his friend behind & he would do whatever he could to help his friend achieve his running goals.

With that…I am proud to announce the name of our group, Running Troops

The URL has been purchased and is in the process of being trademarked.  With that as our theme, we will create military themed achievement levels, Cadet, Sgt, Lieutenants, etc. Please note: we will not use any military insignia for our ranks.  We will create our own insignia's.  I am very proud of our military and will not intrude on their well-respected symbols or insignia's.

  • Again, ALL racers (regardless of the distance) can achieve each level.

  • When you become a member – you will receive a Running Troops silicone bracelet.  Immediately, you have something to wear to show your club association at any race event! 

  • As you climb up the “ranks” – you will have opportunity to purchase gear, at our cost or low-cost.   We are working with some 3rd party vendors to have them ship directly to you.

  • As we grow – you, the members will help us decide on gear!  While we cannot create all gear suggested, we want your feedback on what you want to wear on race day and/or training runs.

  • What is the membership monies used for?  We will be hiring professionals to create, develop and maintain our website, database and newsletter.   We believe we should offer you the best that we can afford and put money back into the club that is built for you. 

  • We will officially launch and open for membership in 2013.  Stay tuned!

Lastly, I would like to thank those who provided me ideas and feedback in the initial development of Running Troops. 

I open it up to you…give us your feedback (don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings).  If there is anything you would like to see in a club – share!  We want to build a club that is for the RD’s, runners, volunteers and runner support community…

Just another reminder…please, please – out of respect to other clubs/organizations, do not post this on their pages.  Feel free to post on your FB and other pages, but not theirs. Thank you.

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