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RACE REPORT: Turkey Trot 5k | Masters Winner - 2nd Year in a Row

This is my first of two Turkey Trot's for 2012.  My next Turkey Trot will be on Thanksgiving Day at my favorite course - 6 Tunnels.

I ran both of these 5k's last year and they are my favorites - I couldn't miss them this year!

As soon as St George Marathon was done, I registered for both. I was looking forward to getting back to my 5k pace and the joy of doing 5k's and Half's.  I am done with Full's until 2013.

I had planned to hit the speed work very hard in the coming weeks.  Hoping that my leg muscles and brain muscles would remember how it was to run at a sprint.  Unfortunately, a week after St George is when I had my 4 catastrophic trail running falls. One left my knee bone/cap bruised.  For 2 weeks, I limped around and could only muster the strength to run easy pace. happens, right?

I knew going into this race, a PR was out of the question- I would have to run a 7:40 pace to break my PR that I set on this course a year ago.  I was good with that.  No expectations. Last year, I had set a PR of 24:44 and won 1st Place Master's Female Overall.  It wasn't happening this year, that was for sure!

I woke up around 2am with horrible stomach distress.  By 4am, I was not any better and I seriously considered DNS'ing.  At 4:30am I decided to get up and try to eat something.  That didn't help, in fact it made it worse.  Imodium time!  By 6am, I was still queasy and running back and forth to the bathroom.

I decided to race, anyways.  Around 6:30am, the stomach calmed down, but not 100%.

I met up with several runner friends...and watched the Finish of the 10K.  Always great to cheer on runners.

At 7am the 5K started.  Even though I had my Garmin, I decided it was a waste of energy to even look at it.  Why bother?  I can run by feel and that is what I did.  At the turn around, tummy did a jump and I was in panic for about 30 seconds.  All went fine, considering.  I was holding a pace that was comfortable and I felt I had something in my tank to finish faster.  That's always a good feeling.

I crossed the Finish Line at 25:41.  Can't complain and it is far faster than I anticipated.  I knew that was at a 8:17ish pace.  Tummy was tight, but SO much better than it was. I felt I finished strong and solid. 

Waiting for the awards, I had no idea if I had earned one.  I felt there was no chance I would get the Master's Overall Award.  Chatted with runner friends and enjoyed each other's company.  Seems no matter where I go..everyone always asks me what racing team I am on.   Too funny!

So...the awards and they announce Jeff Garner as the Male Master's Winner. If you are in Vegas, you KNOW his name.  You also know he has been absent from the racing circuit for awhile.  The race crowd went nutty to hear his name!  He is a true Ambassador to the sport and what a source of inspiration to many. 

When they announced the Female Master's category - my name was announced, but I didn't realize it was for First Place!  When I walked up to get the plaque and they handed me First Place, it took my breathe away!  Two years in a row?  How is that possible?!!  I looked at my kids - they were jumping up and down, as they knew I was the repeat Master's Champion.  I RAN back to Jeff Garner and asked to have his picture taken with him.  As it would be an honor to have a picture with him as we share the Master's Champion Title for this year. 

Jeff Garner and I.  Turkey Trot 5K Master's Champions 2012

With Ladybug's Ball and my  winner's plaque.

As my son's and I started to walk back to the car...I had a sudden wave of emotions.  I didn't PR, but I felt rested & stronger than I have in awhile (despite my knee issue) and I won the Master's Division again.

I can't explain why or how I felt, I just know there was a sense of relief.  My year has been so difficult and this little piece of wood represented that I could still be a local competitive racer.  It was a small feeling of accomplishment, that I didn't even know I needed until this AM. Two years in a one is more surprised than me!

Looking forward to the 6 Tunnels Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving AM.  My family will be there, including my Sister-in-Law and my Brother-in-Law.  :) 

Once again, thanks to my sponsor for giving me the mental and physical stamina to achieve these goals. Little did I know when I first tried the formulation in 2008 - how much it would TRANSFORM my life!

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  1. The 6 tunnels is one of my favorite races and I will be doing it this year! I am glad the stomach pain didn't keep you from racing.

    1. I look forward to seeing you at 6 Tunnels! Be sure to say "HI!"


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