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RACE REPORT: National Veteran's Day 11K

This morning was my first race since the St George Marathon on October 6, 2012. Since I have begun racing in 2010, I think this is my longest time span of no races.

As you all know, I took 4 horrible falls during a trail run on October 13th.  It was later discovered I have bruised my knee bone. It will take 12 weeks to 100% recover, but I can run on it, as long as I can stand the discomfort & pain.

Although not fun, I have tried to run through the throbbing pain.  Thank goodness for my Chiropractor and he giving me a wonderful KT Tape application to increase the blood flow.  That helps a lot!

So...this morning, I head out the door for the National Veterans Day 11k.  I ran it last year, so I guess you can say I am a Legacy Runner for this event.  Previously, it was on a much easier course and it was at night.  This year...not so easy course and during the day.  Both had their positives and negatives.

It was nice to wear my winter clothing. It was 40 degrees when Angela picked me up.  The race took place at the Las Vegas Outlet Mall, south of the Strip.  Before hand, I figured my pace needed to be 9:00 to hit a PR from last year.  I will eventually figure out  that calculation was very wrong!  

I was running not only to honor the Veterans, but to honor a friend. One of my social media clients, Charlie Frattini (Host/Builder on A&E's Sell This House Extreme) is a Veteran.  He loves his Marines and knowing the Medal would honor the Marines, I decided this race was for him.  Since I don't have music during a race, I was thinking of Charlie.  Thoughts of him screaming at me to keep moving, would keep me company. 

Took off and started off at the 8:55 pace...even when I was on the decline, I kept it that pace as my intention was to do negative splits.  Considering I had not run much in the past few weeks (knee issues), I felt great. Breathing was spot on.  I knew the hill we went down, would be the hill we would climb at Miles 5-6.  I felt strong enough I could pick up the pace and bank a few seconds to offset the hill and then have enough energy to kick it at the end.

All is going great...not one moment of concern.  Pace is holding strong and steady at 8:55.  The incline slowed me down, but not that much.  I get to the top of the hill I look at my Garmin and at that moment, I realized that my calculations had to be off.  I was way behind the pace I needed to catch a PR.

Nonetheless, I went into my body lean and pushed.  I pushed as hard as I could take it...considering.  When I crossed the Finish Line to see I went 44 seoncs over my previous time- for a moment I was confused, but I knew I had run an exceptionally strong race and I felt amazing.

It has been such a long, long time since I have felt that good on a race or even a training run. I finished with a 9:02 pace at 1:01 XX. I needed to be at 8:32 pace to break my previous 11k PR.  Big difference. Costly mistake, but oh well...

I grabbed an orange (I always crave fruit at the end) and ran back out with an orange in my hand.  I knew Angela would becoming in soon and I knew she had a hand held bottle and I need to get that bottle so she could sprint it in.

A few moments later...sure enough when Angela turned the corner and started towards me she waved her bottle for me to take it.  I came up beside her took her bottle and coached her into the Finish.  She didn't know she was on target for her PR, but I knew. When she saw the clock, she let loose and she had the strongest finish I have ever see her do!  I was beaming....that's my girl!  

I loved the Finish because there was 1) Announcer  2)  Music!   Nothing like have fun, lively music at the Finish Line to keep the party going!

No Awards given out for this event (Overall nor Age Division), but I know I finished in the lead pack.  

How was the knee?  Good, actually.  A little achey on the incline on the back end of the course, but certainly better than I anticipated.

My thoughts of Charlie during the race?  Well, when I realized I had miscalculated my pacing time and I knew I would PR, I heard his Bronx accent voice in my head, "Chop! Chop! Charlene, you got work to do - you aren't done yet!"  

I am so glad I went to this race.  It was fun to run with Angela, be in the cooler temps and have a chance to honor the people I admire so much, our Veterans.

Here are the pictures:

Bib, Medal and Lapel Pin (on the ribbon)

Traditional Post Race Photo with my medal and Ladybug's Ball
Angela striking her PR pose!
Angela and I

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