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RACE REPORT: 6 Tunnels 5K Turkey Trot | Another 2nd AG

This was my 2nd Turkey Trot of the year and the 2nd year I have run this event.  Any of my followers know that if I can run out in the 6Tunnels/Lake Mead area, I am running it.  It's my favorite place to run and race. That all started with the race the day after Ladybug died.

As many of you know, my husband's sister and her husband arrived that week. After 37 years of being separated and having no idea where each other were, they had their long awaited reunion.  Having them here during the Thanksgiving week and have them come out to support me on a race was so special.

The weather was perfect.  Last year, it was quite cool.  Not this year.  As with tradition, the 12K started 5 minutes before us.  Something about my feet hitting that gravely trail and heading into the tunnel, my mind is always so relaxed.

After the week's prior race, I knew a PR was not even within my grasp as this was a trail type course.  I didn't care, I was back at 6 Tunnels and my family was there to watch!

I do love Mountain Man Events. He has music pre, during and post race.  Professional operation with Start/Finish arches and an announcer.  I have always had a great experience with this RD's races.  In addition, he has nice bling.

I set out and my Garmin suddenly said I was out of Memory and to hit "ENTER" to delete all old data.  I had no idea where the ENTER button was and I couldn't hold my wrist still to see it.   Oh well, another race by feel.  I made the choice to push at the end, not in the beginning.  I was hoping for my famous Mile 2 push from Ladybug.  :)

Saw so many FAB Friends on the course, I felt bad for passing them, but appreciated their support and cheers.  Ladybug didn't disappoint me, she pushed me as I got to Mile 2.  Overall, I finished 60th out of 400.  This event keeps getting larger and larger. 

As I came into the Finish Line area, the entire family was there with cowbells and Ladybug signs.  This is the only part of the course that is paved.  You can see my youngest son holding up one of the Ladybug signs. 

Coming into the Finish Line

When I saw the clock I was a little stunned, as it said 31:##. But I soon rememembered we were 5+ minutes behind.  I went to look at the computer (they had laptops to see our finish times) and they had me listed at 26+.  I was quite confused, as I KNEW I ran faster than that.  

Awards came and I got another 2nd place in AG.  I am so darned consistent with 2nd places, aren't I?

Later that night I saw the official results and my chip time was 25:32, which was 5 seconds faster than the week before.  The results they had at the event, was the gun time. I felt better. 

Two ironies about this race. Both Turkey Trot's - I was Bib #330.  Last year, the 2 race finish times were 5 seconds apart.  This year...5 seconds apart.

It was great to have my family there and to start the day with another Turkey Trot and being at 6 Tunnels.

With Award, Medal and Ladybug's Ball

Finisher Medal and AG Award

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