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My RnRLV Expo & Race Details | It's Almost Time


I will be at the Pacer Booth during the following days/times

Friday:  2pm-CLOSE
Saturday - OPEN-CLOSE

Please come by and say "hi!" I would love to meet you! (even if you are not in my pacer group)


There is no way to online track (unless you want to pay for it).  I have received several messages and emails wanting to know when I will update my FB/Twitter page, post race.  

Once again, good friend, Angela Wozniak will step in as the Admin on my FB page to post/tweet my splits and Finish Time.  She will be my point of contact (after my husband) post race for any news, updates or pictures.

I know MANY, MANY have expressed concern (considering what has happened at last year's race).  I am deeply touched by your worry, but I planned ahead.  I have a friend or two who will be on the course as my check-points.  I have other friends with me in my pacing group.  And of course, I will have my cell phone in my fuel belt.  I can't be more protected than I will be that night.  


As you all know, I will be the 2:15 Half Pacer.  What an honor it will be to help the multitude of racers to the Finish Line to achieve their goals. Many of them will be first-time racers, such as myself in 2010.

Several have asked for my pacing strategy for this event.   Considering the race crowd is controlled and no other elements prevent or block us (weather, etc) - this is my strategy:

I always run a two part race in any distance.  For a Half.

Part 1: Miles 1-10 and  Part 2:  last 5K

Until we pass the Run-Thru Wedding at NYNY Hotel & Casino, we could experience a little bottle neck. My pacing group will start in Corral 17, that is at least 15 minutes after Gun Time.  That could mean we might hit a moving wall of people.  If that does happen, I will purposefully pick up the pace to ensure we stay on track with our goal time.  Don't worry, we won't be running at a 7 mile pace to push through. 

My hope is we can maintain a 10-10:18 pace the entire way, but I will the pace adjust if necessary.  I will be wearing my Garmin 305 which will alert me if we are going too fast or too slow.

I do not walk through the aid stations, I will run down the center of the aid station to allow runners to grab their cups and easily catch up, if they need to be.

At Mile 10, I will assess how we are doing and will do one of 3 things:

1.  Stay the pace
2.  Pick up the pace
3.  Slow down the pace

If I will be slowing down or speeding up, I will let everyone know.  

I am not out there to break any records - my goal is to get you there by 2:15.  You put your trust in me to make your dreams come true...I take that role very seriously.

--->I do not take pictures nor stop and pose for pictures during a race.  I will be more than happy to do all the picture taking before or after the race with you!  :)

Racing with a pacer is not only you following a runner with a sign in their hand.   I will be there to encourage, coach, chat  and support.   If at any time you feel we are going to fast or too slow, please adjust your own pace to fit your fitness levels.  In extreme cases, if you feel you need medical attention along the course - please go to the nearest Aid Station and/or Red/White Medical Tent. 


As we cross the Finish Line - my job is not done!  If you need any assistance, hug, high fives - I am there for you!  Together we will celebrate YOUR victory - because you earned it!  

I began my racing career on The Strip in 2010 - it is my hope that you will enjoy the same feelings I felt the moment I crossed that Finish Line. Thank you in advance for allowing me to be a part of your Vegas experience.

Time to Rock the Strip, ladies and gentlemen!  
                                        2:15 is within your grasp

(c) C. Ragsdale 2010-12
Run F.A.B.,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
*Sponsored Brand Ambassador for
*San Francisco Marathon Ambassador 2012-13

RRCA Certified Running Coach, IFA Certified Sports Nutritionist & Public Speaker
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