Monday, November 5, 2012

My Remaining 2012 schedule | Bring on Hoover Dam

Several have noticed I have not raced in a few weeks. Quite unusual for this race junkie, huh?

Part is planned, part is unplanned.  I took a few days off after St George and then started back with Trail Running.  Then of course, my imitation of the Crash Test Dummies on the trails.  Yea, body is still healing from that, but it's all good. It could of been SO much worse! next (racing) Half  is very exciting to me. Calico Racing's Hoover Dam Half. That is the event where I ran my first sub2 Half (2011).  My friend, Rob Erekson- will be running along side me again (or am I running along side of him?) as we make our return to the same course. 

In addition, many of my runner friends will be there, too!  Angela, Tony, Chris, Emil, Mitch and many more.  I see another buffet in our future!

In the meantime, I have a few 5k's and of course, pacing for the RnRLV 2:15 group. 

It feels great being back in my element of 5k's and Half's, at least for a short while.  My next full is Surf City in February.

What is your race schedule for the remainder of 2012? 

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    1. Heck yes! Here comes the heel jumps and Herculean moves!

  2. I'll be running Surf City as my FIRST full ever -- excited. And nervous. But excited! Suggestions, tips, etc. for a first-timer? :)


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