Sunday, November 18, 2012

*BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: My Running Team is...

Not what you on. 

To end any speculation or rumors right now, I am not, NOT seeking, interested or entertaining the thought of joining an exclusive or local organized team or group.  Not even on my radar and or my thought process.  

I do understand the need for some runners to be a part of a team or group.  I once belonged to a group and a team.  I love the friendships that are forged through healthy-minded teams/groups.  My decision to not to be a part of any group and team is by no means an "Anti Group or Team" campaign. To each their own, it didn't fit in with my own athletic goals.

For the past few months, I have been asked a number of times, "What team do you run with?" 

At Saturday's Turkey Trot race, I was asked that again and again.  Typically, I answer, "I am not part of any team" - yet, I realized - I do belong to a running team...

A team that is very large and encompassed many racers of all types and speeds.

My team is the racing community.

No matter where I go.  I meet another Team Member.  No matter how fast or slow I am, I find encouragement, support & friendships.  

Those who are part of the racing community are not divided by demographics or who we do or don't train with.  We are united.  We stand at the race Finish Line cheering on all of those who put forth the effort to be there on race day.  We applaud all accomplishments not dependent on what color they wear or where we live.

Yes, I am a part of a TEAM. A team I am very proud of being a part of.  A team I see my friends and meet new ones. 

I can't wait to be with my team, again.

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