Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Your Health: Keeping Your Mind & Body Healthy in Times of Despair

As I sat watching the news unfold of Hurricane Sandy, my mind raced and my heart pounded.  I know several people in the NY/NJ area and I am grateful they still had phone service, so I could receive frequent texts from them.

As the devestation ended - they began digging themselves out of the rubble, of what was once their homes and neighborhoods.

In the midst of  this tragedy and thinking of what you can do to just survive, there are many tips that can help anyone stay healthy, both mind and body.

1.  Drink water.  Unless the government is telling you to ration water, do not scale back on your water intake.   Staying hydrated will keep your mind alert and your body fit.

2.  Eat what you can, when you can.  I am not a proponent of canned  or packaged foods - but if that is all you can eat, eat it.   You might not FEEL your best, but some type of food is better than nothing at all.  With all the clean-up and physical hard labor, your body needs energy.  Any energy.

3.  Your mind.  You are going through shock. Eventually, the emotions, the anger and the outrage will come.  Let it out.  If you can...walk away and let it out alone.  Tears can and will be healing.

4.  Talk to someone.  Talk about your emotions & what you are feeling.  Talk to anyone who is willing to listen. You need help processing this catastrophy.

5.  Help out someone.  Sometimes our best healing is when we put other person's needs ahead of our own.  Help out a neighbor.  Take in a stray animal that needs a home.  Giving makes us all feel good.

6.  As soon as you can, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Even if just one a day.

7.  Stay away from alcohol. It is a depressant and a dehydrator.  Find other ways to relieve your stress.

8.  Be realistic with your goals.  You will not be able to repair all the damage in one day.  Set small goals, everyday.

9.  Go for walks. Even if you have a pile of work to do. Go for an hour walk to clear your mind.

10.  Know that the entire country is with you.  We are here to help you rebuild. 

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  1. great tips! I love this one: Know that the entire country is with you. We are here to help you rebuild. Very True!


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