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Welcome to the Running Community

Welcome to the Running Community!
What and who is the Running Community?  (glad you asked!)

  • The Running Community is a place where all running distances are celebrated. 5k, 10k, Half, Full, Ultra...and every distance in between. No distance is more challenging or important than the other.  They all have limits, they all have walls to break.  Distance is not an indicator of importance in the running community.
  • The Running Community has no territories or boundaries. We can go anywhere in the world and be part of this Community. 
  •  All Finishing times should be respected and celebrated. We all train for our races.We all pay to buy the correct gear. We all pay the registration fees (and often travel costs)
  • Our Finish Time is not a measure of our success, but only a measure of our growth.  

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  • The Racing Community is at the Finish Line cheering on those runners who have Finished behind them.  

  • The Racing Community respects each others goals.  No two racers are alike.  Value & respect each other's contribution to the sport we love
  •  The Racing Community is a place we can freely exchange ideas, values and thougths without any fear of finger-pointing, back stabbing or ridicule for our ideals.

  • The Racing Community is not for runners, only.  It involves in our families & friends. They give up their weekends to cheer us on.  They are a part of our race, as much as we are. We could not train and make the sacrifices without their support.
  •  The Racing Community has Race Directors who value the trust we place in their ability to organize a safe event and provide what is promised to us when we pay our registration dollars. No fear regarding our safety or if the race will be cancelled.
  • The Racing Community is a pivotal positive force in our communities.  We bring in tourist dollars to cities who need support.  We endorse a healthy lifestyle.  Racers are leaders in our community, not the ones who people mock. 

  • The Racing Community volunteers on a regular basis to help out their races.  We are not a community of takers - we are a community of giving back again and again. 

  • The Racing Community is fun.  What's the point of racing if we don't have fun?

  • The Racing Community takes care of each other.  If there is a fallen racer (emotionally or physically) we will forsake our own goals to help out others.  For when we are down, there will be others to help us.  
Is this your Running Community?  If an example for change.  Together, we make this Community what it should be.

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