Sunday, October 14, 2012

RnRLV: To Register or Not To Register | Here is My Final Answer

For many months, I have been asked one question more than any other question...will I be running the 2012 RnR Vegas event?  Until now, I have declined to answer.  I hope this blog post will answer your questions and the any speculation can be put to rest, and we can move on.   

I will not be registering for RnRLV.  In 2010, I had a tremendous experience during their daytime event (yes, I know they have made proposed changes for 2012), but I will not be returning this year, as a registered racer.

I had originally planned to be part of the local Half Marathon pacing team, so that I could help others achieve their goals and welcome them to my city. However, it appears that RnRLV will not have official pacers (as of this blog writing).  

Part of me is very sad, as it is the race that began my racing career, but I have moved on.  If I had the opportunity to help out the racers as an official pacer at this event, I would do it - in a heartbeat, despite my own negative experinces from 2011.   I would not run it for a medal or PR - but to help out others achieve their goal.

For those who wish to participate in this year's event, I would like to welcome you to my wonderful city and I wish you a FUN & SAFE event!

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  1. Charlene, Tim and I won't be running this year either. Our experience last year was much better than yours last year but we have other races we have chosen to do. We also wish all participants a great race. Dress warmly.

    1. Erin - I understand. There are always other races, but I will never forget the wonderful 2010 experience. That's where I met you, Tim, Michael and Kimberly.


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