Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Focus for St George Marathon | My Mother-in-Law

I have waited over a year for this, it's days away.

When I made my Full Marathon bucket list in 2011 - St George was on the top of my list. 

Now, I run to honor my Mother-in-Law.  I run to celebrate her life and what she brought into this world. I refuse to honor the disease that took her from all of us, 20 years ago. That disease took away the mother, my husband never met.  He has been denied the chance to meet his mother, because of that disease.

I am grateful that my legs continue to heal and feel more rested with each passing day.  After un-knowingly abusing them with deep tissue massages for 6 months, it will take awhile to feel 100%.

But, most importantly - my mind is in a better place than it was even a month ago.  I am not overly confident (that can destroy any racer) but I am confident that all the training and prep I have done is exactly what I will need for Saturday.  I feel very relaxed.

Again, I will be using the Galloway method for AT LEAST the first half of the race, if not longer.  My body will tell me to open up and let my legs fly down the downhills.  That last half is the Half Marathon I snockered my PR in 2011.  I pray for those Snow Canyon legs to come back on Saturday.  

Luckily, I have connected with a Galloway runner who will be running my pace and intervals.  We are running this together.  I think I will need that when I hit the 4 mile hill climb at Mile 7 (can I say...TWILIGHT again?)

I will be stopping by the KT Tape booth at the Expo do get taped up in many places - as a precaution.  I don't have any soreness or aches and pains.  Yet, I know it will come....St George Marathon has humbled many excellent runners.

I will run it safe, I will run it smart and enjoy the experience.  When I cross the Finish Line - I will look up and thank Mom and my Ladybug for getting me there.  

I never met you...but I know you.  For that reason, I do love you.  This one is for you, Mom. 

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