Thursday, October 25, 2012

Multi-Task Running

If you are like me, when you head out the door for a run - you have one goal.  Run.

You might have an occasional speed work session, but other than that, your goal is to run miles. 

I have a training plan, and I know the miles I need to run - but what could be missing?  When you train are you only training for miles?  Why not Multi-Task during your run.  Train while running. 

Don't take me wrong, we need to train for those endurance miles. But, considering running encompasses many things - let's chat about what we could be doing on that run for trianing.

1.  Work on form. I have said it many times, learn and apply  I have been injury free for 18 months. The ONLY injury I have had was due to improper fitting shoes on a trail run.  I don't have ITB issues, shin splints, etc.  Maybe you need to work on your arm swing.  Yes, your arm swing.  Learn how your arm swing can help you up the hills and back down.

2. Work on breathing.  Work on your breathing to ensure the side stitches are kept away and increase your endurance.

3. Tempo. Do you run at the same pace all the time?  Instead of running 10 miles at a slower pace.  Why not run 6-7 at a faster pace?  This will benefit you long term.

4. Practice fueling and hydration.  Practice running (and not stopping or walking) while consuming your hydration and fueling.  Practice as if you were running a race

5.  Dress Rehearsal for your next race.  Put your entire race outfit on - including your sock and undergarmets.  Go for a 3-5 mile at your race tempo and make sure all is fine and no adjustments are needed.

6. Visualize.  When things get tough - practice using your mantra's and seeing that Finish Line.  Every training run you do - keep your eye on the prize.  What is your prize?  The next Half?  The next Full?

7.   Run at the start time of your next race.  Not all races start at 7am.  Practice running at the same start time.

8.   Take it seriously.  You train for a reason, don't just "run".  Every training run you accomplish brings you closer to your goal.  You only get one today, don't waste it on junk miles.

9.  Practice with your playlist.  Nothing is worse having a song come on, during a race, you dislike.  I have a certain playlist I use for 5k's.  When I get to Mile 1.75 - I turn on my iPod and I hear "Fly" by Lenny Kravtiz.  I know what I need, when I need it.  Synch your playlists and try it out on a run.

10.  Set a goal for your run. Know what you want to accomplish, before you start.  That will keep you focused.

What other ways do you maximize your time on training runs?

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