Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's LA and SF Race Time | Registration is Open

My October started off with a BANG!  

First, LA Marathon registration opened - you KNOW I am going back! 

Second...the big news.  I received word yesterday that I was selected as a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador for 2012-2013.  I look at the names of those selected and I recognize many of the names as very popular runners and big-time bloggers. To be included in this list is so exciting, but most importantly, humbling.

Many have asked how did I get selected.  I can tell you, it was not luck.  I applied and was interviewed.

I love San Francisco.  I grew up in Seattle and next to Disneyland, my favorite place to visit was San Francisco.  After running the LA Marathon, I decided I wanted to run SF to get my LA/SF Challenge medal.  On my race bucket list:  run across the Golden Gate Bridge.  I had planned to do so, but since my buddy,  Angela W. didn't like bridges, I opted to do Half #2, so we could start and Finish at the same place. No regrets, at all. I am glad I did it that way! 

In 2013, I will do Half #1, so I can get my Double Half Medal and finally run across that bridge!  Angela says she is committed to running it. 

The honor of being an Ambassador is special to me in SO many ways - more ways than I can count.  I never doubted I would run the race in 2013, as I knew it was Endorphin Dude's 100th Full - and you know I can't miss that moment! (Rewind video to Marathon Mitch's 100th in Pasadena). But, to run it as an SF Ambassador, that adds a cherry on top of the moment! 

In the months ahead, I will be posting often about the LA and SF Marathon events.  Someone pinch me now...what an exciting year it will be!

For now - have you registered for the LA and San Francisco events?  Don't miss out on receiving this beauty of a bling:

CLICK HERE to read all about registering for the LA and SF events!  Will you join me?  Hope so!

My thanks again for the SF Team and Staff for selecting me!

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  1. Yay for the Half it All Challenge! And hello to a fellow ambassador. I'll be doing the opposite of you - I ran the 1st half last year.

    1. Hi Paula, fellow Ambassador! Are you doing LA, too?


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