Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Tips | How Not to Trick Yourself into Over Indulging

I often wonder who eats more candy – the adults or children? In my experiences, I would say the

Here are my tips to ensure you don’t TRICK yourself into eating too many sweets this Halloween.

Your own giveaways:
  Don’t buy candy. If you bought candy - throw it out.  Get rid of the temptation. You won’t be tempted to graze on it while you are waiting for your doorbell to ring. Alternatives: Pretzels, Toys (you can find little bags of toys at the Dollar Tree for a $1), baggie full of 13 pennies. I did that one year and it was a hit with the neighborhood kids!


When your kids come home:   – have the children pick out 1 piece of candy for the entire month of November = 30 pieces. Anything left over – it gets thrown away. Each child has their own jar and that means the parents can’t steal from their kids jars!


Don’t blow your commitment to good health by eating a few dozen Snickers, on impulse.

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  1. I got glow stick bracelets and tiny jars of play dough to give out!


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