Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Gift of Running by P Mark Taylor

I met P. Mark Taylor on FB, through his fan page, Wise Running.  I liked his style and how he approaches running, in general.

P. Mark Taylor, Author of The Gift of Running
He offered to send me an autographed copy of his book to review on my blog. I receive significant book review requests, most I have to deny - but I accepted his offer.

I approached reading his book, The Gift of Running as if I was back in 2010 and I was just starting to learn about running. I also reviewed the information based on my own experiences to see if it was credible.

My thoughts on both perspectives?  Buy the book.   P. Mark Taylor has a great way to communicate the generalized and specifics of running. This isn't a feel good type of book about running. Let's face it, if you have been running more than a month, you know there are up's and down's in training and racing.

He uses his own experiences to teach some basics about form, nutrition and race strategy.  How could I not enjoy this book, right?

  • If you are a novice runner, buy the book
  • If you are an experienced runner who needs a pick-me-up, buy the book
  • If you are a coach, buy this book for your clients

Running is a gift we give ourselves and this book is a Gift that P. Mark Taylor has given us.

The Gift of Running is about (from the preface of the book)
  • the human side of running
  • becoming a runner
  • working to become a better runner
  • & staying safe, sane and happy as a runner 
P. Mark Taylor is offering my blog readers a chance to win an autographed copy of his book.  To enter - simply reply in the comments below why you would like to receive the book.  A winner will be selected by a random drawing from those who commented regarding his book.

-GIVEAWAY PERIOD:  October 17 thru October 23 @ 6pmPST-

When a winner is announced on my blog, the winner has 48 hours to email me with your name and mailing address.  If the winner does not contact me within 48 hrs, I will choose another name.  Must be 18 yrs or older and reside in the US to be eligible.

Good luck and I am confident you will enjoy his book & his writings for a long time to come!

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  1. He sounds so down-to-earth and real... I need a new running book on my night stand, would love to check this out!

    1. So sorry you didn't win! Thank you for entering. I highly recommend you buy the book - it's awesome!

  2. Just reading your post about the book Charlene makes me excited that maybe this is the book for me. I've walked a lot of years and trained for marathons, but injuries and fear held me back, therefore, my hope is that this book will help get me to the finish line. Thank you for the opportunity. Felma

    1. Congrats! You are the winner! Please email me your name and mailing address at