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A New Season of Racing | Going Back To My First Love's & New Love

Goals are individuals.  Two people in the same city & same age - will have different goals.

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Many questioned why it took me so long to run my first Full Marathon.  Now, some are wondering why I am not running them more often.

(I will always have my critics)

When I made the decision to run my first Full Marathon, I never desired to give up racing my favorite distances: 5K's and Half Marathon's.  Yet, I knew in order to achieve my Full Marathon goals, I would have to give up my speed to ensure I had the endurance to make 26.2 miles. 

I have no regrets of getting up at 3am in the morning to run my 20+ long run in the middle of the summer.  I have no regrets running the ET Full Marathon in 6+ hours.  I would do it all over again.

I need to get my speed legs back. Why?  Because I want to.  Simple enough.  You can't train for a 5K and a Full Marathon at the same time.  Well, you CAN - but the results won't be as good as one would want. In addition, I will be running more trail runs.

In addition, I fell in love with trails this past Spring.  Last night, I bought my first pair of trail shoes - VivoBarefoot Breatho Trails - (and I even bought toe socks).  This was my reward to myself for achieving my training and race goals in 2012. 

I have not given up on my long range Full Marathon goals (BQ by the time I am 55 yrs old - I am only 32 minutes away from that goal).  I will still run the Surf City Full and LA Full in 2013.  Overall, the Full distance isn't my favorite. It's like 10k's to me.  Bleh, but I still run them from time to time. 

Ironically, I can't wait to try some Ultra's in 2013.  Yep - LONGER than a Marathon.  Again - I dislike 10k's but I love Half's - go figure. 

I love this sport - goals change...and are always individual.

Have your goals changed?  How do you adapt to changing goals?

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