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RACE REPORT: Run the Ocean Vista | Jester On!

In my quest to achieve Marathon Maniac status - I needed a Full Marathon or September.  I chose Charlie Alewine's "Run The Ocean Vista" in Long Beach, CA.

Drove down to Long Beach Saturday night and staying about 4 minutes away from the start.

When I arrived in Long Beach, the temps were hotter than when I left Vegas.  Yikes!  It was also suppose to be a scorcher the next AM.

My Disneyland Half Marathon buddy, Vera and I discussed what type of Galloway intervals to use.  I had originally planned to run a 3/1 at a 10:00 pace to give me a 4:30.  Given the anticipated weather, we both decided it would be best for me to slow it WAY down to ensure I was safe.  PR was out of the question, and I was okay with that.  I just needed to finish - didn't matter the time.

The next morning - it was very misty but oh so M-U-G-G-Y!  This desert dweller isn't use to running in 99% humidity, but the good thing - no blaring sun!  I was going to embrace that.
After meeting Charlie Alewine for the first time.  I was able to chat with my buddy Andrea Kooiman and meet up with Ed Ettinghausen, who is an icon in the racing industry.  He wears a Jester outfit at his races and motivates and inspires all runners.  I didn't ask him to run with me...he just did.  And boy, am I glad he did.

The course was a looped course around a Long Beach Marina.  By the time I reached 3-4 miles I was soaking wet from sweat.  I did a Run/Walk interval of 3/1 but at a 10:30-10:45 pace.  Met Patricia Greenberg for the first time (she is a FB friend) and she ran with us for most of her 13 miles.   Good job, Patricia!

At almost every loop I took 2 Hammer Electrolyte capsules.  At the rate I was sweating, I needed it.  30 mins before the race, I consumed a ClifBar Gel and took another one at 13 miles. Clifbar energy bar at Mile 10 and 15.  It worked out great.

Ed and I had a great chat during the race.  We chatted about so many things.  Racing and non-racing, but no matter the topic, I learned something from him.  I told him about some of the struggles I had been facing since March and luckily he listened, as I was coming up on Mile 18 (typically my problem mile) - he started chatting away to keep me distracted.  When I realized we had gone 20+, it was very emotional or me.

At Mile 23 (our last loop) my butt was starting to feel very uncomfortable - but I was relishing that I had made 23 miles without any significant pain, troubles, etc.  I only had 1 potty break!  On the way break, I had another pit stop, but it was very quick.  Talk about a difference vs the multiple pit stops I am famous for.  

I knew I was not going to make 4:30, but I would of loved to get 4:45, as it would of been a PR.  I knew I would have to gun it to make it happen, but it was not happening.  As long as I hit a sub5, I was going to be REALLY happy, as that would be at least an hour faster than my ET time, of 6 weeks ago.

The last 1/10 of the course I know Ed pulled back to allow me to run it in to get a 3rd Place.  Charlie awards trophies to the top 3 regardless of gender.  He could easily taken that 3rd place, but in true Ed fashion, he someone else ahead of him.  That's our Ed!

I finished in 4:54:26. The additional time on my pace was from extended aid station stops, no doubt.  But, who cares.  I was able to beat that ET beast into the ground.

An hour and 6 mins faster than ET.  I can't complain!

More importantly, than the trophy & the time - I ran the entire race without my historical HEAVY LEGS that plagued me from Mile 1 to the Finish in any distance. This has been a horrible race situation for me since March.  Since Disneyland, I have been able to figure out why - and that's my next blog article!  

3rd place trophy and Finisher Medal

Me, Charlie Alewine and 2nd Place Finisher, Angela Kooiman (she is my buddy!)

Me and Ed.  This will always be a special picture for me and so proud to call him my friend! Thank YOU Ed, for getting me through this race.

P.S.  I do not run barefoot!  My feet swell a lot during Full's, so I get my shoes off as fast as I can.

So glad I made the sacrifice to run this race, as I needed it for my body & mind for St George.  I am cautiously optimistic about St George, but I feel better about it, than before. 

*NEXT BLOG:  My discovery about the heavy leg feeling

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  1. Great race report Charlene. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your marathon. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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