Monday, September 3, 2012

RACE REPORT: Once in a Blue Moon

The night before we left to travel to Anaheim for the Disneyland Half Marathon, I participated in a Calico Racing Special Edition "Once in a Blue Moon"

A blue moon is not representative of the color of the moon, but the term used to describe the 2nd Full Moon within 30 days.  Rare, to say the least.  I believe the next Blue Moon is in 2015.

Calico Racing developed an evening race to commemorate the night.  It would be the first time I would run a race on a looped track.  I chose the 1 hour, so I could save my legs for Disneyland Half. The other options were 3 hr, 6 hr and 12 hr. 

Pre-race photo:

Guadalupe, Mike, Kimberly, me, Casey, Lyle, Mitch & Yolanda

We started just before sunset, at 7pm.  Knowing there would be aid at the Start/Finish (every lap) I opted not to carry my handheld bottle.  That was nice! 

The course was at the Equestrian Park - Henderson.  Although it was a Figure 8 course, the RD set it up so we were never crossing each other. 

Here is me and Casey on the first lap (on a decline)

I soon discovered, I really liked the lapped course.  It provided a great way to socialize and connect with other runners, and you get to see them over and over again.  I used that chance to run along side of much stronger runners.  Ones I would never be able to run along side of.  Smile!

I completed 6+ laps.  I did stop for a brief period of time to drink some coconut water.  I wasn't going for any time - or goal.  Just a last run out before Disneyland. 

I was also keeping an eye on incoming I received a phone call from Endorphin Dude moments before Blue Moon to tell me he and his best buddy, Jonesy were on their way (from California) to do a 50K at Blue Moon.

I was excited to see him again and introduce him to my husband.

I loved this course.  I want to run it again and hope Calico Racing finds other race events to run on this lapped course. 

Finally......Endorphin Dude arrives.  YAY!!!!

First up....our traditional Battle photo.  This time, we were fighting who gets the Porta Potty.  Battle #5:  Battle of the Porta Potty

And here is my traditional post-race photo with Ladybug's Ball

I really enjoyed the event, even though the air is just still so hot.  I have had the TOUGHEST Spring/Summer, this year.  My body has not adapted, at all. 

One more bling to add to my collection -

A special shout out to my friends, Casey and Mitch - they both earned 2nd Place Male/Female Overall!

Next stop: Disneyland Half Marathon

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