Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: NEW Barilla Pasta Microwave Meals | *PART 2 of 3*

(Just in case you missed my Part 1 review of Barilla Microwave Meals:  CLICK HERE)

Last night, good friend, Angela Wozniak and I had a Barilla Pasta Party. It's been in the works for a few weeks, and FINALLY we could coordinate our schedules to do it.

With bottle of wine in tow...I headed to Angela's house.  (what's a pasta party without wine?  Boring)

We both have been eating the pasta dinners on our own and chatting about our observations, prior to our little pasta shing-dig.  We dove right in, with fresh cheese, compliments of Angela.

We chatted about how we both liked the convenience and most importantly, the taste. Seriously, what's the point of a quick and easy meal if it tastes like something out of a garbage can?

This doesn't happen with Barilla Microwave Meals.  We were both happy with our pasta's, again and went onto seconds and thirds.

Here I am, before we dug into our first round of pasta....

And here is Angela and I before our THIRD round of pasta -

So, let me do a little recap of these handy little meals, that I reviewed in Part 1.  They cook up in 60 seconds in a microwave.  They sauce is section off - so you can control the amount of sauce.

More facts:  They are available in your pasta aisle, at your favorite grocery store.  Buy them!

Will I buy them again?  Absolutely, I will!  I will be stocking up for my next out of town races.  These will be perfect to put in the hotel microwave for me and my family.

And surprise!  I have Part 3 review for Barilla Microwave Meals!  I am going to show you how I am re-purposing the plastic pasta containers for other uses.  Stay tuned!

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