Sunday, September 23, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: NEW Barilla Pasta Microwave Meals | *PART ONE*

I am having a blast trying out this product.  Why?  It's pasta.  

Going from one race to the next, almost every weekend - I often feel I am in a long term relationship with carb loading.

I jumped at the chance to try out this pasta product.  Not only was it pasta, but it was my favorite pasta brand, Barilla. Even though I am not an fan of microwave meals, this intrigued me as I know I have never been disappointed with any product from Barilla.

Barilla microwave meals are a new product.  It can be found in the pasta aisle at your favorite grocery store.  Barilla provides several sauce/pasta options.

This blog will be reviewing two of the flavors I received. This coming week, I will post *PART TWO* - with review of the other flavors.  Yea, this review is that much fun - it takes 2 blog reviews to get it done!

DETAILS:  Barilla microwave meals cook in 60 seconds.  Very true.  In my microwave, the meal was not over or under done.  No crusty edges, either

Here the first meal I tried -

WHOLE GRAIN FUSILLI with Vegetable Marina Sauce
I am not a sauce lover.  Just a drizzle will do me, just fine.  I was more than pleased to see the sauce was section from the pasta, so I could control the amount.

After 60 seconds, it was time to put the sauce on the pasta - I used very little (of course) and had plenty over to another dish.

I added a little bit of cheese and it was hot and ready!

How did it taste?  It was great.  For those who have tried wheat pasta, you know it can taste very bland and rubbery.  Not with this product. Pasta was just as I expect it to be.  Almost light and fluffy.  Btw, you can actually see the chunks of vegetable in the sauce.

As a person who does not like to eat meat, this was a winner to me.  It's quick and easy and I will be adding it to our grocery shopping list for those quick and easy meals.

Product #2 

Mezze Penne with Spicy Marinara Sauce
Again, love how the sauce is separate so I can control the amount.  The spicy marinara has a KICK, but not a fire kick.

If the remaining products taste like these two - I will love them all!  Stay tuned - I have very fun planned for my new blog review for Barilla microwave meals.

Let me know if you try these products and what you think of them...

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