Thursday, September 27, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Barilla Microwave Meals | Part 3| Re-purpose containers

This is my 3rd regarding Barilla Microwave Meals

Part 1 - My initial review
Part 2 - Pasta party with Angela 

I enjoy reviewing products, but I truly enjoyed this review.  It hit home for me in so many ways. Pasta, convenience, easy to take along for the race road trips and did I mention, Pasta?

This post is about my ideas on how to re-purpose the plastic containers.

First the facts.  The plastic containers are Plastic #5.  I found that many of our food items are the same plastics.  Ones, we buy everyday like Cottage Cheese, Yogurts, Cream Cheeses, etc.  I also learned that #5 plastic is 

  • 54 percent less water than virgin polypropylene
  • 64 percent less greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalents) than virgin polypropylene
  • 75 percent less oil than virgin polypropylene
  • 48 percent less coal than virgin polypropylene
  • 77 percent less natural gas than virgin polypropylene
  • 46 percent less electricity than virgin polypropylene

If you are unable to recycle or take to your local Whole Foods (see here are my Top 5 ideas to re-purpose your Barilla Microwave Meals containers:

NOTE: The small sauce container will be stained. The larger container is not.

1.  Paint projects.  I love to paint and will be painting some pictures in the near future. These are perfect.  Two different sizes.  One can be for my water and the other to mix paint.

2.  Play toys. My kids love to play in the dirt, sand and whatever else is along side of the house. They will use these to build their cities and spaceships.

3.  Planters.  Need to start some plants?  Again - another perfect size for those small starter plants

4.  Drawer Organizer. Especially the sauce cup.  Use the smaller ones to put little doo-dads in them. 

5.  Re-use as dishes.  They are microwaveable, so why not use them again for something you are heating in the microwave. 

Thanks again to Barilla for the opportunity to review this product.  I have an out-of-town race next weekend, and these handy meals are on the top of my grocery list. 

*Although I was compensated me for this Campaign.  All opinions are my own.

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