Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Lessons Learned from ET Full Moon

Post Race and barely standing

As I was starting to fade mind started to think back what did I forget to do?  What shouldn't I have done?  (okay - logic goes out the door, what was I going to do in the middle of a marathon to fix a problem?)

Over a year ago - I heard that runners (male and female) need increase their iron levels.  I began taking iron in an elixir last June.

  • I didn't run Labor of Love this year - but I had significant issues during that run.  
  •  I had NO problems running Notch (I did this year)
  •  I had NO problems running ET Half (I did this year, before the 13 mile mark)

I realized during my long, painful ET race - I had been forgetting my Iron Elixir.  Yep, it took me this long to realize it.

Is there a connection?  I think there is.

I was 2/2 last year and 0/3 this year in higher elevations.  

Muscle fatigue and pain are symptoms of altitude sickness.  As I was told by my Doctor, when your muscles cannot get enough oxygen, they tighten up and tighten up some more.  Add the cold weather and I probably had the worse form on the planet - no wonder I was hurting!

Monday, I was back at my iron supplementation.  If you think this might serve you - CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR to check your Ferritin levels.  You do NOT want to self-subscribe what you need, or even if you need any iron supplementation. Very dangerous and could lead to deathly results if done improperly.

Here is a quick link for tips:

Again, please seek out a Doctor and get the appropriate blood tests
to see if you need an increase of iron/ferritin. 

Another factor to needed to consider:  

I thought back to LA Marathon and how did I feel?  Hurting and tired, but not like ET.  Yet again, there was one constant between the two races.  The first pain and the more soreness were with my Hamstring muscles.

I thought about my Strength Training and wondered if I had worked my hammies good enough.  Upon further examination, I believe I have not trained the hammies well.  When your hammies hurt - there goes the glutes.  Your glutes are the workhorse and stabilizer of your legs.  When pain and fatigue sets in, the form goes out the window and causes even more pain.

This today is my ST Leg day, I added this routine to my day. I can tell you the exercise with the large ball made my legs shake.  I had all the proof I needed that my hamstrings were not as strong as they should be for a marathon.

While the Glutes and Quads are the work horses of your legs - the hamstrings are the stability muscles for running uphill.   What did I run at ET?  13.1 miles UPHILL. 

I do believe, I was suffering my altitude sickness which brought on the severe muscle fatigue, I also believe my weak hamstrings were a contributor to the pain.  This is the same pain I was beginning to feel around Miles 18-20 at the LA Marathon (it never escalated to the ET level, thank goodness).

I never want to forget ET.  I did have a great time (Race Report #2 coming soon with the pictures) and I believe with every race, we can learn.  I did. 

What races taught you valuable lessons and how did that change your training? 

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