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RACE REPORT: San Francisco Half Marathon | Did Anyone Find My Bottle?

After running the Brazen Racing 5K, the Expo and then the Marathon Maniac/Half Fanatic Dinner the day/night before...I woke up for the race just a WEEEEEE bit tired.

But, here are the prelim photos:

Half Fanatics Group shot at Expo:

And now the Maniac/Fanatic Dinner picture....

My first up with Angela to walk to the Start.  The weather was foggy, misty and quite cold (for us). Still in the low 50's.  That's frozen tundra weather to these desert dwellers.

At that time, I was only wearing my Half Fanatic Singlet and arm sleeves.  Once we arrived at the Start, I decided to put on a short sleeve underneath the singlet.  Then, I decided I would wear my bondi band, too.  My ears were getting cold!  Good grief.

We stopped for a few moments to warm up and of course, I had a few more potty breaks.  We got separated going to the corrals. Angela was in Corral 4 and I was in Corral 2.

Just outside of my Corral was this cute little dog.... it reminded me of Ladybug, so I took a picture and texted it to my husband. 

As soon as I sent this picture to my husband I realized I didn't have my hand held water bottle!  I raced back to where we did the warmup, and it wasn't there.  To find what porta potty it could be in, would be impossible and I had less than 10 minutes to Gun Time.  

Loosing a water bottle wasn't that big of deal - but the outside little pocket contained my electrolyte capsules and Clif Bloks.  Luckily, I had my Clif Energy Bars in my fueling belt.  I knew the course had Gatorade Gu, so this would be a race I had no electrolyte replacements (I don't use Gu products).  

Here is the view from my Corral to the Start

The Start for Half #2 began at Golden Gate Park.  Beautiful Park.  We ran 7 miles in the park.  While in the park, saw Endorphin Dude (he was SO excited, he was on par for a Marathon PR!) and Emil Cheng. 

The park was much more rolling inclines than I anticipated (seems to be a theme for me and SF races). By the time we got out of the park, I was ready to hit those promised steep downhills.

We got on Haight and - ZOOM!  Loved the downhills.  But again, not as I thought it would be.  Thought there would be more and even the elevation chart showed more.

Strangely, two times myself and a group of runners were diverted off the course and met up again with the Half's.  I understand they did to divert car traffic, but I know it added miles to our race distance.  We ended up behind the runners we were in front of and my Garmin said I ran an extra 1/4 mile on this course. 

Fueled at Mile 5 and it took me through Mile 8.  At Mile 8ish, I fueled again (with the Energy bars).  On Mile 10 was a hill, not an incline a HILL and when I reached the top - I was spent.  I was sweating a lot and I could tell my body was starting to fade.  I was on pace to finish around 1:53...but I had to slow it down.  I knew if I didn't, I wouldn't make it to the Finish and risk cramping.

Luckily, from Mile 10ish to the Finish it's pretty flat.  Still exhausting, but at least no major hills.

Photo courtesy of Dinno Kovic Photograph

I squeaked in another sub2 at 1:59:14.  If I had not had the extra 1/4, I would of been more of the 1:56 range.  Sub2's always make me happy.

Finish Line was along the Piers, so we had beautiful views of the beach and lots of room.  Finish Line food was outstanding. Jamba Juice was handing out their drinks.  Not samples, drinks.  Plenty of anything you wanted to eat or drink.

Angela still had not Finished, so I made my way farther down to get away from the bottle neck of runners.  I finally found the tent to pick up my LA/SF Challenge medal.  The thing is stinkin' HUGE!

Met up with FB friend, Jon Chernila - he also received the LA/SF Challenge medal.

Finally, connected with Angela.  She had a great race of 2:24.  

As we made our way to the Beer Garden (I wanted an Irish Coffee, not a beer) - we connected with Endorphin Dude and he got a Marathon PR by 17 minutes!  LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!!

But first...our Battle continues....!  This time, Tony is shooting me his Evil Vexing Eye because I have 2 medals vs his one medal.

Then, I turn around and I FINALLY meet up with....Dave Mari!  Although we have been FB friends for a long time, we have yet to meet face to face.  Today was the day!

First, his traditional kissy photo - and I look like a kissing FISH!

And the famous DAVE MARI "X" JUMP PHOTO - (courtesy of Angela)

Picture of me and Angela at the Beer Garden (that beer was quickly thrown out...bleh!)

With Ladybugy's Ball:

I have always heard that the SF race was one of the best in the country.  I can see why!  To coordinate two separate Halfs (in two locations) and a Full - takes some expertise!  I loved every moment of it, despite the two diversions.  The medals were all metal and casted on both sides.  Larger for the Full marathon and smaller for the Half.

Finisher Medal:

LA/SF Challenge Medal (this is at least 5-6x's larger than the Finisher Medal)

I will be doing Half #1 next year - so I can complete both Half's. San Francisco race event will be on my event calendar for many years to come.

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  1. Very cool. I loved reading your race report.

  2. Loved this when Lois and I did it in 2009, it was our first half ever. We did the 1st part so we could run over the bridge. Was a great race and I have always wanted to go back. Planning on making it my 100th half when the time come, currently at 25 completed and registered for another 9. Thank you for sharing another great running experience with all of us. Love all the photos too!!


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