Thursday, August 9, 2012

Race Report #2 - Photos from ET Full Marathon

For those who have not read my Race Report - CLICK HERE

Race Report #2 is a collection of photos posted throughout FB.  They were not posted, when I wrote my Race ReportPhotos courtesy of Casey, Giovanni, Yolanda, Martha, Dave, Steve, Louie, Chris and Mitch. 

PRE-RACE at Hard Rock Hotel

Meeting Jill - she is a new Half Fanatic!

With Endorphin Dude's side kick - Chris Jones, or "Jonesy".  Met him during SF weekend, the week before.

Candid moment

Another "X" Jump with Dave Mari

Maniac/Fanatic Group photo

We were given flowers by Dave Mari - so here is the Flower Power Girls -

Casey, Paul and Me - Twitter Pals...finally we meet!

Waiting to load the buses

On the Maniac/Fanatic bus

Each bus as a Leader.  I was the Leader for the Maniac/Fanatics bus.  Here I am giving "bus instructions" 

Dave Mari took this picture of what it looked like behind him (during the race) - that string of lights you see? Those are racers.

Shawna and Kimberly

At Mile 20 Aid Station.

Casey Cherneski - 

And now the ugly part............

Me and Mike waddling up to the aid station -

Me... trying to eat an orange, bending over. I was in so my pain, I couldn't stand straight.  No, I was not getting sick, thank goodness!

I SO deserve the Academy Award for this picture - moments before, I was on the verge of tears and collapsing, but somehow - Dave Mari got a smile out of me. Just goes to show when you have great support, we can accomplish anything!

And then a picture with Mike.  Since my eyes are closed, I think I am already asleep, because I don't remember taking this picture.

Mile 24 - Chris Jones INSISTED on this picture of me and Amanda...I wanted to slap him, but I couldn't.  He has cute sideburns.  lol

Mile 25 - and then....Giovanni INSISTED on taking this exhausted me...

The Finish - amazing how a beautiful sunrise can make anyone look happy in a picture, huh?

After I finished, had my crying melt-down in a plastic chair & getting some food in me....

Dave Mari and I with his traditional Kissy Face picture.  At least this time I didn't like like a fish, but I still look dorky.

Martha and Mike crossed the Finish Line!

Me and Martha - I look and feel so much better, at this time.
The smiles are real, not "get that stupid camera out of my face, can't you see I am in pain!"

Me, Mitch and Chris - and another picture I don't remember being taken...

And then it was time to load the bus home for a 2 hours nap before the nap at home.  Once again, here is my Sunrise picture -

See you next year - Rachel, NV! (next year - can you keep the flying objects from hitting one of our buses?) 

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  1. Great pictures, Charlene, thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Did they determine what broke the windshield of the bus???
    Also, where does the 1/2 start and end? Thanks for the report and great pictures!

    1. As far as I know, they did not. The front seat passengers nor the bus driver saw anything coming their way.

    2. The Half starts half way up the mountain. Which would be the Mile 6 for the Full. All end in the same place.

  3. That is absolutely the best race finish photo I've ever seen! It's so cool that they timed the race that way. The race looks like it was really interesting. Sorry you weren't feeling well in the middle, but the fact you finished when you were feeling so lousy means that you are really, really hardcore. Congrats on your finish! :)

    1. I felt fine, no stomach issues - just SEVERE LEG PAIN. But thank you for congrats!


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