Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My New Sponsorship and No More Ponytail!

Yesterday was a really big day to me.  No surprises, but when it happened - it was like WOW!

1.  The official announcement of my Sponsored Brand Ambassadorship with was announced on their company website.  I have known about this for awhile, but to finally see it online - was truly a moment.  This formulation has been a part of my families life since 2008 and to be able to represent them at races, is more than I could of ever planned or anticipated.  I can't wait to debut my new singlet!

If you missed the announcement - CLICK HERE

2.  I got a haircut.  It's been a long journey to get me to this place.  I love short hair.  I use to have pixie short hair, like Sharon Stone or Wyonna Ryder.  Loved it, but my husband was.....meh.  So, I grew it long.  Really long.  Cut it to below my shoulders a few months ago, I still didn't like it.  My husband doesn't dominate me, in anyway - but I didn't want to be in a hairstyle he hated.  So, he finally realized I was miserable with ponytails ALL THE TIME - and we found a shorter hairstyle we both liked.  Even though he was still reluctant, he knew I would be happier - and that would make him happy.  Love my man!  How does he like my hair?  HE LOVES IT!  He thinks it's fresh & sexy!

Here are the pictures of my new hairstyle. 

I ran without a ponytail for the first time, this morning, too. NO ponytail!  I might have to put a couple hair clips on the sides, but loving the new style.  I felt so much better and so more age appropriate.  No, I am not ready to retire, but ponytails nor pigtails just don't do it for me, at 50 years old.

I feel like a new woman and just what I needed these days.  I don't care who you are - you go through phases of "I feel ugly and bleh" - that has been me for months and months.  I like ME - but I didn't like my hair.

Here I am after my wet and muggy 6 miler.  The wet came from sweat and RAIN.  Felt so good to run in the cool rain.

What was the last time you did something to make you feel good about yourself?  Share your story

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