Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Disneyland Half Focus | It Will Be a Magical Time!

In 2011 - I had a run the Disneyland Half Marathon.  It was going to be one of my race highlights of that year.  I was going to use that time to take my family on our first Disneyland trip.

I had not been in 16 yrs and I was aching to go back.  After HS - Disneyland was my escape, I would go there a number of times every year until 1996.

I was 3 yrs old the first time I went in 1964 - and I saw the Small World being built.  When I returned at the age of 11 yrs, old - it was the first ride I rode on.  To this day - it is still my first ride.  I won't do a thing in that park until I ride Small World.  I am not ashamed to say, I cry when I walk through the tunnels into Main Street.  It is my escape and my place to feel free. 

In the Spring of 2011 after we booked our hotel and bought our park tickets.  Then, I learned the DL Half Registration was already full.  I didn't even know it opened!  Needless to say, I was heart broken. 

However, we still went on our family trip. We arrived at our hotel as racers were coming into the lobby with their shinny new medals.   Although my heart hung low, I was happy I would be going to Disneyland.  We had an amazing 3 days and will be going back again, this Christmas.

The day the 2012 registration was open - I bought my registration.  I was in!  FINALLY!

So, when I say, this has been a LONG wait, it's no joke.  While the time through the parks will be short (and hopefully fast!) - I will soak in every moment and hold my medal at the end.

To combine my love of running to my favorite place in the world, Disneyland - this is going to be epic.  

My focus for this race, I will be pacing along side a great running pal, Vera.  She is pushing for a PR and I am going to run along side of her.  

But, we are also focusing on the fun!  We will enjoy each other and Coach each other.  (We are both Certified Coaches) and then we will jump & cry when we cross the Finish Line as I know she will get that PR.

It's been a LONG LONG time since I was this motivated at a race to push as hard as I could go. I can't think of a better place or with a better friend to do this with.  I have known Vera for a long time - and we have missed each other at several races.   Not this time..we are doing it together. 

The Friday before Disneyland, I am running the Calico Racing "Once in a Blue Moon" - evening race.  It will be fun and a great last run before we leave for California. 

Onward to Disneyland...I can hear the Small World song, already!

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  1. Excited for you. My name is Frank. I am an Aquaphor Ambassador. I will be wearing Aquaphor gear look for me and say hi. I will give you samples.

  2. Hi Frank, thanks for stopping by! I would love to meet you at DL Half, will look for you and thanks in advance for the samples.

  3. My PR is always on this course. It is such a fun course. Although I like running through the parks, the best part for me is running into the Angel Stadium. We love the Disney races, going back to do the Goofy Challenge in Jan then get the coast to coast medal at Tinker Bell the following weekend. Disneyland is such a great place, I spent almost 10 years of my life working for the Mouse. Good luck Charlene, and have fun.

    1. My PR will be very hard to break - it was set on a very steep downhill course in 2011. I am looking forward to helping my friend, Vera achieve her PR - that will be my reward. Disneyland is the place, and I can't wait. Thanks for sharing, Jeremy!


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