Thursday, August 2, 2012

ET Full Marathon Plan and Focus

After an exhausting weekend (and loosing my electrolyte supply pre-race)...I am taking the week of rest & recoup. 

It's Thursday...and I have still not run.  On purpose.  

Why?  ET Full on Saturday night/Sunday AM.  I need to give my legs time to recover and recoup.

Any workout I do now, won't help me on ET.  So, my training will be resting my body.

I am very excited to be running the ET Full.  It feel like FOR-E-VER since I ran LA Full, so I am curious to see how my body does on this course.

My ET Focus:  This is another "let's Finish this bad boy" race.  Since it is only my 2nd Full Marathon, I am still figuring this out.  I will have a few running buddies along side of me - so, it will be great to have some inspiration when my brain wants to quit in the later miles. 

  • Outfit:

Green/White Singlet - with reflective Tape
White Visor
Calf Compression Sleeves
Purple/Yellow Kinvara 2's
Head lamp
Black Arm Sleeves
iFitness Double Pouch belt
Feetures socks

The most difficult of the course will be the 13.1 Mountain from the Start.  Looking forward to Mile Station 20 as my friend, Casey will be volunteering there.  I plan to STOP and chomp on some of the Ultra goodies.

I have a new Hand Held bottle and I am clipping it to my belt until the start of the race.  This is a race, I cannot try to wing it without electrolyte replacement. 

  • Fueling:  Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Energy Bars, Clif Bar Shot Bloks & Hammer Electrolyte capsules.  If I can figure out a way to fit in some Swedish Fish, I will do that.  Thank goodness for a double pouch belt and a pocket in my bottle.  

  • Finish Time prediction:  can't be done. I only have another Full to compare it to and this course is much more difficult (in my opinion).

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