Sunday, August 19, 2012

Collecting Medals, Awards and Other Race Swag

Since my childhood days, I loved to collect things.  I collected buttons/pins, plastic dogs and even paper menu's

Adult life:  Oz movie items, Restaurant pins (you see employee's wear them), swizzle sticks, postcards & shot glasses

And my house is not a mess!  lol

When I started racing, I was in awe of all the goodies.  Shirts, bags, medals and other things.  More fun things to collect! 

When I began my FB "Fan" Page (to offset the complaints of my non-running friends on my personal FB page) I began posting pictures of all my medals & shirts.  It has grown to awards and other expo swag (bags, cups, etc)

So...the question I get asked a lot - why bother posting all the pictures of my swag?

My answer - Why Not?!!!

Some people are inspired by shirts (I am not one of them, if I never received another shirt, I would be very happy).  Some people are inspired by medals and awards (yep, that's me!) and others are inspired by the do-dads you pick up at the Expo (not me, again).


  • Links to my 2011 & 2012 - Shirts and Swag 
  • Links to my 2011 & 2012 - Medals & Awards

To answer my answer to the original question -  I post all I can to show everyone what they can receive or achieve. 

Every few weeks I receive an email or meet someone as a race day packet-pickup (expo) who tells me they were inspired to run their first race because they saw pictures of my shirts, bling or whatever else.  Someone once told me they were inspired to run a 5K - because they saw my Pilsner glass and bottle opener from a recent 5k.  Whatever motivates someone to better themselves, I am all for it!

I also meet those seasoned runners who wish they had started to post their swag and medal pictures.  Trust me, it's a daunting task, but it is now part of my post race tasks that I do.

I am glad so many enjoy seeing the pictures and hope it will inspire someone to try out a race.  You never know what goodies or bling you might receive!

To answer another question - yes, I use the bags for shopping, etc and I do wear my shirts for training runs (as long as they are tech shirts).  If they are cotton - they become housecleaning shirts or rags. 

What is the BEST thing you have received at a race?  Please share...

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  1. I'm not super motivated by race shirts, either--I think I've received too many of them that didn't fit so I couldn't wear them. I much prefer medals, which I think is why I've only run two races this year (both 10Ks) that didn't give away medals. And thanks for sharing your swag with us--I love seeing other people's medals because it helps me figure out races that I'd like to run in the future. :)

    At the Soldier Field 10 Miler in Chicago I received a blanket with a somewhat water resistant back that rolls up into a tight little package. It's fantastic for picnics or brining to races or other outdoor events to sit on.

  2. That's a great swag! I know some California races give out beach towels.

    You are welcome. I love showing others what THEY can earn. We all have our own motivation for racing.


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