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Cold Weather Tips for Nighttime Racing

A few months ago, I posted a blog article about some tips about preparing for RnRLV.  CLICK HERE.  It's in my city, I know Vegas.  I train at night, as much as I can.  I know how cold our December nights can be. If you are not prepared, it will take you by surprise.

If you have chosen to run a Nighttime Half or Full (or any other nighttime race) - here are some additional tips to help you prepare for that evening run.

You will get colder as the race continues on, which provides unique challenges.  In the warmer months , we peel off clothes, as the temps rise.  That's easy!  But when it's winter - we get colder - how do we stay warm as the temps rapidly drop?

1.   Long sleeved shirt with arm sleeves. You star the race with your arm sleeves pushed down your arm.  As you get colder - pull them up and your arms are warmer
2.  Race jacket.  Not some ordinary wind breaker.  You want a race jacket that can breathe.  I have several Brooks running jackets.  Love them.  Worth the money.  Wrap it around your waist and when it starts to get chilly - put it on
3.  Hydration.  Purchase an insulated hand held bottle.  Put warmer beverage in it.  You will need to do several runs to determine what temp you like and is agreeable to your stomach. For me, I like it hot.  Like hot tea. Gulping down hot water is very soothing and does the body good, even when working out.
4.  Long socks.  Buy long compression socks or compression sleeves.  Your calves do not have the muscle nor fat structure to stay warm in the cold.  Keep them warm by adding socks or sleeves.
5.  Head gear. Everyone is different.  I can't wear hats, even in the coldest of weather, I actually overheat.  I wear a Bondi Band, that covers my ears.  And sometimes I will wear ear muffs.  This keeps my head relatively warm, but my ears stay toasty
6.  Gloves.  If you cannot run in gloves, I would recommend you learn to do so. You loose a lot of body temp through your hands. In the colder temps of Vegas in December it DOES get windy and it can get icey cold.  Don't be fooled that we live in the desert. December is one of our coldest months and our temps drop to 20 degrees and below at night.  During the evening, it feels worse under the night sky.  Don't believe it for a moment our December nights are 40-50 degrees. 

Eating before a Nighttime Race & Race Fueling

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