Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CHEATING is Not a Misunderstanding!

I am so tired of cheaters, bandits, unauthorized "pacers"/support, those who steal chips/bibs - they are nothing more than cheaters and thieves.  

I wonder if they walk into their local retail store and steal because they don't have the money or because they feel they are entitled to.


Calculated plan to deceive others

Happy to take awards you did not earn

Everyone knows you as a liar & cheater

Always believing you are smarter & better than everyone else

Taking advantage of the RD and fellow racers

Image tarnished

NOT A MISUNDERSTANDING, as you think it is!

Gone, is your reputation!

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  1. But tell us how you _really_ feel!

    I'm not sure if you're distinguishing what "stealing" a chip/bib means. Obviously if you acquire these without paying for a race it's stealing. But what about the case of a race which is (a) sold out (so the RD/corporation will not be receiving any additional revenue), and (b) does not have a bib transfer program in place, meaning an injured runner has no option for a refund/transfer but must simply "not run", and (c) a second runner "purchases" the bib from the injured runner and runs the race "as the other runner". (Additional caveat: non-competitive runner, not achieving any awards, BQs, etc. Simply running for personal achievement/finisher medal.)

    Technically against the rules. In practicality? Who's really being cheated?

  2. I registered for Fontana Half and the week before, something came up, I could not go. I refused to sell my bib despite my pleas from other races.

    Why? That is the terms of the RD. It's their business and I agreed to those terms when I signed up for it.

    Legally, if something happened with that runner wearing my bib (they caused destruction, vanadalism, etc) I would of been liable for their actions, since they were wearing my bib.

    While I understand why someone is buying someone else's bib- I chose to follow the rules of that RD. Some RD's allow it, some don't. We should be aware of it when register, but whoever reads the TOS? lol

    RD's can and are more often banning racers for selling their bibs. There are companies that RD's are hiring to underwrite refunds of injured runners, so I see the trend changing in the next few years to help those who are unable to run due to injury.

    Stealing a bib/chip? Exactly that. I have seen runners claim their chip/bib is "lost" and then another one reissued and someone else runs under the "lost" bib/chip - just to get a free entry. They get caught, eventually. You might be surprised how runners have done this.

    Many RD's have certified courses - to be certified they have to follow the rules of the USATF and unless they have changed their regulations, they do not allow transfers nor anyone else using someone else's bib.

    Not my rules to make - but I can decide if I do or do not want to participate in a race that has those rules.

    Again, when we register - we should be aware of the TOS.

    Just my two cents :)

  3. Interesting note about the bib transfer thing being a USATF requirement. A Google search indicates that many races cite the USATF requirement as the reason they prohibit bib transfers.

    However, the MCM has a bib transfer program in place and is also USATF certified. It seems there's got to be some means of doing it (even if there is a cutoff date) within USATF rules. I can understand that RD's for non-sold-out races want to maximize revenue and prohibiting transfers does this well (and in this case a bib transfer does indeed "steal" the potential revenue).

    I agree it's against the TOS. I disagree it's on the same level of cheating as banditing, winning awards, BQ'ing, costing the race organizers lost revenue, or other similar situations.

  4. And as a follow up, I did some searching and read this well-thought-out article from the RD's perspective about why many don't do transfers.

  5. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    I believe that is what I pointed out earlier - USATF prohibits transfering and that is why many RD's will not (especially if they have a Certified course)- that is what USATF explained to me a few months ago.

    I appreciate your perspective and opinions.

    I do think an RD should have the option to transfer to another runner, with an admin cost.


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