Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Do You Race? What's Important To You?

Yesterday - I posted on my FB Fan Page, Bling Whores (FB group) & other pages & groups- this question:

POLL: Will you run a well-organized race without a Finisher Medal but offers a tech shirt? Awards for Overall & AG only. Yes or No? And Why? (no right or wrong answer)
The answers have been so interesting! I have been racing for almost 2 years...and this I know:
 The reason you start running and racing - most likely will change...
My goal for my first race (Half Marathon) - BLING!  It didn't matter to me what the distance (5k, 10k or Half) - I wanted that medal around my neck, nothing else crossed my mind.  The afternoon following my first race, I wrote down my race schedule for the next year and I chose races with BLING.  If it didn't have a medal - I was not racing it.  
That lasted only a few months.  I was soon racing races without bling.   
Now?  I am about the distance and where I am racing.  I want something unique to remember the race. Oh, don't take me wrong...I LOVE MY BLING & AWARDS.  Heck yes!  You can find me at any race staring at my medal, at any time.  I am still in amazement that I run these long distance races.  
T-shirts?  Never been a fan.  If I never get another T-shirt, I won't complain. 
I want organization, SAFETY and great atmosphere.  Recently, I ran the LVTC Low-Key UGLY TIE 5K.  Not even 100 people - and it was a BLAST!  Such a great vibe and energy.   I have run some other larger races and they were BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING and I left feeling rather - okay, I came for what reason?  
I have run very large races and they have been wonderful, also! (Surf City, Pasadena & Hollywood).  
Size isn't an issue to me - it's about the event, experience - and part of that experience (for me) is the bling. It's all in the presentation of the event.  It's the entire package...everyone has a key motivator, but I think we all can agree it's about the experience. 
Please check out the comments on the pages - feel free to chime in and offer your thoughts.  It's a great conversation...
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Again, Happy Fourth of July! Stay safe and be sure to keep your pets indoors.  More animals runaway during July 4th than any other time of the year.  Protect them, they are counting on you!

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  1. I ran three races before I got to a race that gave out finisher medals; I didn't even know they were giving those out until I crossed the finish! So bling has never been my reason to race. My motivation to race is me against the clock. I want to push myself, to better my time, to prove to myself that my training and sacrifice hasn't been in vain. T-shirts and bling? Throw those away, just give me the course and the clock.

  2. Lena, thanks for sharing. Stay true to YOU and why you race :)

  3. I race to better myself and quite frankly if I don't have a race on the schedule I'm much more likely to not push myself in training. I have a tendency to "get lazy" if I don't have something I'm specifically training for. So races keep me honest.

    Most important to me in a race is it being well organized and somewhat scenic. Yeah, I like a tech shirt and a little bling too. Pretty sure I signed up for the Hollywood Half based on the medal. Had to have that one!

    1. Same here. Racing keeps me honest. Yesterday I was telling a client that my entire running career has been racing focused (except for the first month of trying to run a mile). If I don't have a race staring at me in the face, I do get lazy.

      Hollywood Half had an incredible medal, didn't it? It's my favorite, thus far.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. I think some races are getting way too focused on the bling and not the healthy aspects and accomplishment of finishing the training and race. I personally would rather pay less for a race and get nothing besides the satisfaction of completion (and of course food and water stops)!. Lately there has been a group of races around here offering decreased prices with option to pay extra for shirts, great move :)

    1. I agree - great move! Safety is always my focus. What good is a great looking medal and shirt if the experience and my safety was compromised (been there - done that already). Thanks for your comment


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