Monday, July 23, 2012

Taper Week Begins for SF and ET

It feels very odd saying that I am in taper week.

  • Last weekend, I was laid up in bed with the agonizing oral surgery issues (scheduled to run 20+ miles)
  • The weekend before, the day after the Notch Run, my legs were BURNED OUT, so I opted not to run.  

I almost feel like I have been in taper, already.

Had a very hot, sticky and muggy run with Angela yesterday.  She ran 6.5 - I ran 11.  We will both be running the San Francisco Half #2.  Heading that way on Friday AM.

This morning, I had a great low-impact cardio workout.  I will be doing another short run this evening and again on Wednesday.  In the mix of all of this, I will be doing usual routine of mani/pedi, haircut & massage.  I think I will go to the chiro next week (pre-ET) for my Graston and adjustment.  This way, if my hips get a little tweaky with the SF downhills, I can fix that for the ET Full.

I look at SF as my last tune up for ET Full.  ET Full will be my return to racing Full's.  Just like last year, ET was my return to racing Half's.  This year, I will be running along side several buddies (unless they decide to run ahead of me, which can happen).

ET is a significantly tougher course vs LA Full.  I am not counting finishing before 5 hours.  I am mentally prepared to accept a 5 hour race, after my name.  ET Full is the first of 6 Full Marathons in the next 6 months....leading me back to LA Full.

I feel stronger than I did for LA, but let's see what the body and mind wants to do that night.

San Francisco is another story.  I love Half Marathons.  While I set a goal to sub2, anything could happen, huh?  With the declines on the backend (when I need it most), that should help my pace.  Weather should be in the high 50's - low 60's at the Start and Finish.  Time for the arm warmers! 

Elevation Chart

Most of all, I look forward to traveling with Angela and then meeting up with some of my California buddies at the Expo, etc.

And BTW, I am racing a 5K on Saturday.  After a 9+ hour drive on Friday, I need a good stretching out.  Details later.  

What are your plans for the weekend?  Anyone running San Francisco? 

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  1. I wondering if you are running the same 5k as me on Saturday. Guess when will find out soon!

    1. I am running the Badbass 5K Lake Chabot Marina. How about you?


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