Monday, July 16, 2012

Start of a New Week and New Day

After last's weeks roller coaster of emotions (see post HERE)....

I am getting back on track with working out and training, even though my mouth is still achy and I have to be cautious of not overdoing it (too much blood flow can cause more pain)

I am two weeks away from the San Francisco Half (where I will earn my LA/SF Challenge Medal) and 3 weeks from ET Full.  Interesting taper time, huh?

Traditionally, I taper 1 week for Half and 2 weeks for Full.  So, I have one strong week left in me.  I should be able to work out my body kinks from being in bed for so many days. 

Legs overly fatigued last weekend (no long run)
Recovering from emergency dental surgery (only 5 miles logged)

The good news is I have had:
2, 20+ mile long runs
1, 18 mile long run
Several 35-40 mile weeks since May. 

During my taper I will be focusing on:

1.  Less miles & cardio
2.  More stretching & relaxing workouts
3.  Core & Upper body work

Carb loading will begin about a week before SF and carry through to ET.  I should be one puffed up water balloon by ET. 

My thanks to all of you who sent me FB messages or emails during my dental recovery.  I know I would of recovered quicker if my body had not revolted from the meds.  I am not sure how people operate with all these meds in their body, but I am glad I am not a slave to meds. 

What are your training plans for the week? 

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  1. Hope your dental recovery continues to go smoothly. I am working on not continuing to ram my baby right toe into things so hopefully it can heal. =) Have back to back half's end of August I need to continue getting ready for. Have a great week!

    1. You are getting stronger and stronger! Keep it up!


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