Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Running Tracks for SF Half | Time to Rock 'n Roll

When I first started running, I was a naked runner.  No electronic gizmos.

I bought an iPod Nano during the time that Ladybug was sick and I needed something to clear my mind during my runs.  I don't always listen to music on runs (typically only on long runs), but I always listen to music on race days.

Why?  No distractions.

I love racing, I really do, but racing is not the time I want to strike up a lengthy conversations with my fellow runner.  So, I wear headphones to keep my eyes on the course & not to be distracted by other racers.  

I am such an ADD runner....."oh look...a shiny object, I think I will go see what it is!"

The less I am distracted, the better, especially during a race when all the self-doubts creep into my head. 

At the ET Half last year, I turned on classical music while running.  It was very surreal to be running under the stars with heavenly music.  One of the best aspects of that race, for me.

At the SF Half this weekend, I will be listening to:

Lenny Kravtiz, Usher, Motley Crue, Van Halen (original) - with a little Michael Jackson mixed in.

Do you pick what songs you are going to listen to on a race or just turn on and go?  

What are your favorite?

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  1. I have a playlist on my iPod and I put it on shuffle, so it's never in the same order. It helps to keep the music fresh and not predictable.

    I know what you mean though, zoning out during a race is critical for me too. Otherwise I just can't concentrate.

    1. Wish I could get playlists on my Nano. There are some songs on my Nano, I like to listen to on training runs, but not on race days.

  2. I just let mine play when I use it. Shane will theme it up by adding specific songs depending on the location or theme of the race.

    1. Gotta love Shane! What was your play list for Devil?


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