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RACE REPORT: Notch Run | Heismann Trophy Pose

This was my 2nd Notch Run.  While I had some fun moments in this race, it was not has enjoyable as last year (for me).

The LVTC Notch Run has been happening since 1977.  Yep, 1977.  It's a 4 mile run straight up Mt Charleston.  And did I mentioin the elevation start is 7K and Finish Line 8,500.

Temps are slightly cooler than Vegas (thank you!).  This year, it was a lot warmer, even in the shade.

We arrived earlier and I didn't drive to the wrong side of the mountain!  :)

Chatted with lots of runners I haven't seen in awhile and with former teammates.  It's always good to catch up with running buddies, isn't it?  Loved chatting with fellow Masters Runners, Gerry, Toshie, JoAnne and Teri.  Who says age slows you down?  Not us!

We were shuttled down to the Start.  Moments later the gun began.  Within the first half mile, my legs were toast. All those weeks of 40+ miles had finally taken it's toll on my legs.  I felt it on my 7 miler on Thursday, but this AM, it was worse.

I had hit my perfect storm.  OVERLY tired and achy legs + long hill + high elevation.

By mile .75 my legs were shaking and I decided to power walk.  What's the point in pushing myself on this course?  To gain what?  There are those times you need to decide and realize you are not a failure if you choose Plan B.  This is not a PR course.

I started running again about 1.25 and just kept a real slow pace of about 11:00 for the rest of the race.  Glad I brought my hand held bottle with me.  Higher elevations will dehydrate you very quickly.

Here are some pictures of the course (courtesy of Martha Corrazini)

Finish Line
As I was coming up onto the Finish Line, I remembered how I have always wanted to have a Finish Line picture of me doing the "Heisman Trophy" pose.  This would be the day.

Coming into the Finish Line...and then...

Heismann Trophy pose! 

I finished a respectable 2nd Place in my Age Group.  Always love collecting the hardware!

The negative is that the timing company (not the typical LVTC timing method) ROYALLY screwed up the timing.  That upset all the racers and the RD's.  Zapped the energy out of the entire event.  I liked how the RD's had podiums for the winners.  That is always appreciated when an RD takes the time to truly recognize the award winners, not just announce the name and hand them an award.

Here I am on the podium with my fellow Age Group winners, Maria and Toshie.  Lovely ladies and great Ambassadors to the sport!

Overall, the event was fine.  Wasn't as energetic or as fun as last year, but it was a good EXTREME hill training for me and I needed it.

Next stop:  SAN FRANCISCO HALF at the end of the month!

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