Saturday, July 14, 2012

Never Give Up Hope | Even When You Have Nothing Left to Hang Onto

What a roller coaster of a week...

I had emergency dental surgery on Wednesday AM.  I had cracked a tooth in half and it had ripped my gum.  Needed immediate repairing.

-Spent all day Wednesday fighting off the pain with pain meds.

-Thursday - my body decided to revolt the meds and I was beyond sick all day. Took the life right out of me, in addition to dealing with a half chipmunk face and pain.

-Friday - I was exhausted, but I could finally eat (on one side of my face).  Because of the bad reaction, Dr told me to stay in bed for 2 more days to give my body to heal.

I had my laptop with me as I wanted to stay on top of work or whatever else came my way, in between my naps.

Around lunch time I receive an odd email.  It was from an adoption registry that I had submitted information over 9 years ago.  We were looking for members of my husband's biological family.  He was separated from them 37 yrs ago.  Never to see his mother nor sisters, again.

I have known my husband for 16+ years, and we have always spent time looking for his mother and sisters.  Many times, he gave up and I kept looking. We had lots of information, but never the right information to locate any of them.

Until Friday the 13th...

His older sister happened to see my post (that I made 9 yrs ago) and contacted the website owner.  The website owner found me, through my blog.  Yes, the blog you are ready, right now.

Within a few shorts hours, my husband and his older sister were reunited on the phone.  37 years in the making and it was happening before my eyes.  Tears of disbelief & joy came tumbling down.

How ironic that through my blog, they were reunited.  If that is the reason I needed to start this blog, I couldn't be happier. 

My husband and his sister, now begin to build their relationship. Sadly, their mother passed away 20 years ago, but my husband takes comfort in knowing he can get to know her through his family.

I now have a sister-in-law and my kids have an Aunt.

Just like when we see that Finish Line staring at us when we think we can't go any further.

Never loose hope and never give up.  We will never forget this Friday the 13th. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  1. So happy for your family! Looking forward to seeing what happens next in this journey.

    1. Thanks, Julia! We appreciate your support and continued friendship


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